Log Table

This modern table looks like it’s made from solid wood logs, but it actually just a box covered with discs of wood and clad with sticks to make it look like one. The inside is hollow, but heavy enough to not be pushed around accidentally. This project aims to encompass everything from my free Introd…By: […]

Tabletop Fireplace

There’s nothing quite like enjoying a meal by the fire. Now you can have that experience almost anywhere with a portable tabletop fireplace. This concrete container holds single-use gas canisters that give off a gentle flame, the container is propped up with cast iron legs which give it an industria…By: mikeasaurus Continue Reading »

Swivel Leather Key Fob

In this guide I will show how I made my basic Swivel Leather Key Fob. It is a really project and can be done with minimal tools. For a detailed video please check my YouTube Channel. I was fed up of my key scratching my phone screen so decided to make this to prevent that […]

Ultimate Phone Camera Hack…. Increase Zoom by Almost 10x

Have a broken Laser lying around? Well, Then use it to enhance your phone’s zoom…. A laser pointer has a very powerful lens that can be zoomed to magnify images up to 10x…. This is an amazing camera hack that provides mind blowing pictures after….You can watch the video of its making here….I…By: Anirudh Ralhan […]

Mini Tesla Coil

Hi! My name is Andy, and I am a sophomore at Irvington high school. And I did this project for Ms. Berbawy’s robotic class. My project is a mini Tesla coil. And the original is made by Ludic Science, The Tesla coil is designed by Nikola Tesla in 1891. It’s basically high frequency series resonant […]