The Ultimate Uploading Experience in 5 Minutes

Go to Source Filestack is a web service that completely handles file uploads for your app. Let’s imagine a little web app together. The web app allows people to write reviews for anything they want. The give the review a name, type up their review, upload a photo, and publish it. Saving a name and […]

How to Create a Fanfiction Archive With WordPress

Do you enjoy writing fanfiction? While you can add your fanfiction as normal posts, it becomes difficult to organize and showcase them on your site. In this article, we will show you how to create a fanfiction archive with WordPress. Why Create a Fanfiction Archive Instead of Posts? WordPress comes with two commonly used content […]

The Browser Statistics That Matter

Go to Source In which I argue that the only browser usage statistics that make sense use for decision making are the ones gathered from the website being worked on itself. The reason you can’t use global statistics as a stand-in for your own is because they could be wildly wrong … Sites like StatCounter […]

5 Cool Examples of Microinteractions for a Better WordPress UX

Go to sourceThey say the devil is in the details, but that is not true when it comes to user experience. A good microinteraction should facilitate or embellish an otherwise tedious task in a very subtle way—a bad microinteraction can ruin your experience with a website or product. Even though they’re “micro,” it doesn’t mean […]

5 Ways to Make Your Website Stand Out

Go to Source Everyone involved in building a website wants it to stand out from other websites. Clients want to stand out from the competition and leave a favorable impression on potential customers; designers strive for originality and to compete with other designers; back-end developers want a success story in their portfolios and an original […]

How To Protect Your Users With The Privacy By Design Framework

Go to Source     In these politically uncertain times, developers can help to defend their users’ personal privacy by adopting the Privacy by Design (PbD) framework. These common-sense steps will become a requirement under the EU’s imminent data protection overhaul, but the benefits of the framework go far beyond legal compliance. Let’s give credit […]