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Barra dei Preferiti

LESS « The Dynamic Stylesheet language
Ceaser – CSS Easing Animation Tool – Matthew Lein
❍ IcoMoon
.Htaccess Redirect Generator
Custom scrollbars for IE, Chrome and Firefox using CSS – Code Mug
Custom Scrollbars in WebKit | CSS-Tricks
Ben Alman » All jQuery Projects
Snazzy Maps – Color Schemes for Google Maps
HTML5 Video
What do you stand to make?
Create CSS3 – Easy CSS3 Generator
Preloaders.net – Circular (Spinners) AJAX loading GIF and APNG spinners, bars and 3D animations generator

Agile Designers : Best online resources for Web designers, Graphic Designers
Useless CSS3 Generator
Banner – Misure standard IAB
PSDDD – Dribbble resources for the creative professional
↔ Resizer
Jetstrap – The Easiest Twitter Bootstrap Builder!
JSHint, A JavaScript Code Quality Tool
Powerful New CSS- and JavaScript-Techniques (2012 Edition) | Smashing Coding
mediaQuery Bookmarklet



Fetching data from Facebook using CURL and JavaScript SDK | Karl Sheen Blog
Facebook | Karl Sheen Blog
Simple Facebook Authentication Class using cURL | Book Of Zeus
Post on Facebook Wall Without PHP-SDK Using CURL via Graph API
20 Helpful WordPress SQL Queries Snippets
20 Plugin Replacing Tutorials, Tips, Snippets and Solutions for WordPress
10 Useful WordPress Search Code Snippets
20 More WordPress Code Snippets and Hacks


SourceForge.net: PHP-ExcelReader – Project Web Hosting – Open Source Software
Leggere e scrivere da un file excel – Tutorial PHP


Using Weather Data to Change Your Website's Appearance through PHP and CSS | CSS-Tricks
Parse Yahoo! Weather RSS using PHP and SimpleXML (also: explore the yweather namespace) by Pete Karl | Web Developer | Boston, MA
Yahoo! Weather – Yahoo! Developer Network

Feed e secret aPI

Google’s Secret Weather API
Create A Weather Application With Google API Using PHP
Currency conversion using php and Google calculator api – Dynamic Guru
i Google's Secret XML APIs
Pixel Acres » Blog Archive » Display recent Twitter tweets using PHP
Create a Twitter RSS feed for Tweets, Searches, Hashtags, Lists or Favorites
Globus Online Transfer API Profile
API Dashboard: ProgrammableWeb

10 super useful PHP snippets you probably haven’t seen | CatsWhoCode.com
8 New and amazing WordPress hacks | CatsWhoCode.com
List your Behance Feed in WordPress without a Plugin
Autenticazione su Facebook con curl e PHP
PHP curl bot to update Facebook status – Barattalo
Facebook Open Graph Protocol Full Integration Walkthrough | Website Design & Development
instagram-embed.php at master from xentek/instagram-embed – GitHub
Lifestream for WordPress
Form Tools
Pull Down for Navigation – Inspect Element
PHP Thumbnailer | Gen X Design
Desaturate Images With PHP | #! code
CodeKeep : Feeds
40 snippet PHP che devi conoscere! | Web developer blog

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Materiali matrimonio

[flyeralarm – stampare online in velocità e convenienza – Carta da lettere/Buste da lettera Buste da lettera Stampate Offset Con adesivo Quadrato senza finestra, 4/0 colori]
menu – [flyeralarm – stampare online in velocità e convenienza – Volantini Esclusivi 450g cartoncino SBS opaco DIN A5]
Esempio libretto matrimonio – LeMieNozze.it

php e jquery

Ashley Ford Blog || PHP, MySQL, CSS, JavaScript, jQuery, Mootools || http://papermashup.com

attasi | design and development by tom giannattasio
5 jQuery Mobile Swipe | jQuery4u
1.0" LCD Car MP3 Player FM Transmitter with Remote Controller/SD/USB Host (DC 12~24V) – Free Shipping – DealExtreme
Designer's SD Memory Card (4GB) – Free Shipping – DealExtreme
CONVERT COREL DRAW FILES ONLINE – Free Online File Conversion Services | Filespazz.com
Download Gantry
FPO: For Print Only
Code | Drew Wilson.com
Fer y Nora on the Behance Network
Cancellare la cache di facebook
How to use Modernizr to detect HTML5 and CSS3 browser support | Adobe Developer Connection
How to Build Cross-Browser HTML5 Forms | Nettuts+
Resizing images with PHP
jQuery UI Autocomplete – Remote JSONP datasource
Creating Circular div for CSS3 compatible browsers – Anvil Studios
The Data-Pixel Approach To Improving User Experience – Smashing UX Design | Smashing UX Design
Yahoo! Weather Feed Plugin for jQuery – Zazar Online Website Builder
simpleWeather {monkeeCreate}
Aggiungere il Meteo al tuo sito con Yahoo e PHP
Icone | Categoria di Geekissimo – Pagina 1
How To Use Custom Post Types To Organize Online Marketing Campaigns – Smashing WordPress | Smashing WordPress
jQAPI – Alternative jQuery Documentation
Enhance Your Website with the FullScreen API | Tutorialzine
5 Free jQuery Page-Flip Plugins For Book-Like Interfaces
UIKit – Modern UI components for a modern web
7 jQuery Parallax and Scrolling Effect Plugins
16 Best Image Zoom Effects with jQuery Plugins
Square envelopes from Bureau Direct
Webby Nominees
Da VMware a VirtualBox con Clonezilla, clonare i dischi virtuali « Antonio Doldo Linux Blog
Free Monochrome Vector Images – Download Free Vectors – Vectorportal
#ff0000 hex color (#f00)
The Hacker Shelf | Community-curated collection of free books for the intellectually curious.
Technical Web Typography: Guidelines and Techniques | Smashing Coding
How to Automate Your Social Activities | Social Media Examiner
Banner – Misure standard IAB
108 Mono Icons: Huge Set of Minimal Icons | Tutorial9
PHP parse url, mailto, and also twitter’s usernames and arguments – PHP – Snipplr Social Snippet Repository
Parse URL’s in text, create links | Hot Koehls
Parsing Twitter with RegExp « Saturnboy
ajax – Twitter and jQuery , render tweeted links – Stack Overflow


Smashing Magazine
Web Design Blog – Webdesigner Depot
Tips for Designers, Bloggers and Tech Users
Six Revisions – Web Design Articles, News, Tutorials
Abduzeedo | Graphic Design Inspiration and Photoshop Tutorials
Line25 Web Design Blog
WPBakery – Lightning
Karim Hossenbux – Interactive Designer & Front-end Developer
Noupe – The Curious Side of Smashing Magazine
Explore more. Web pages, photos, and videos | StumbleUpon.com
CSS Drive- Categorized CSS gallery and examples.
Best Web Gallery
Web Design Inspiration, CSS Gallery and Video Review Podcast – Unmatchedstyle.com
Web Creme | Web design inspiration
Home – Web design inspiration from siteInspire
CSS Gallery | CSS Web Gallery | CSS Showcase
Portfolios, Inspiration, Jobs and Networking for Creative Professionals – design:related
design|snips | Collecting Snippets of Good Design | CSS Gallery
CSS Inspiration Gallery – Nice Stylesheet
Best WordPress Websites Design – WP Inspiration Gallery
WordPress Showcase & Gallery Inspiration
The Portfolio of Jonathan Patterson
Old Logos | Ubersuper
60 Highly Clever Minimal Logo Designs – StumbleUpon
CSS Gallery Web Design Gallery For Inspiration – StumbleUpon
here design
Lacarpa's "illustration" favorite pictures on VisualizeUs
Most Unusual Russian Illustration Pictures ~ Cool Pictures
365 awesome designers
Free Icons, Photoshop Brushes and a WordPress Theme | Smashing Magazine

webdesign tutor

10+ .htaccess snippets to optimize your website | CatsWhoCode.com
7 new techniques every web developer should know | CatsWhoCode.com



CSS3 Generator
Making an Impressive Product Showcase with CSS3 | Tutorialzine
Responsive Design in 3 Steps
3D CSS Tester
CSS3 Menu and Navigation Tutorials
Showing Product Information With CSS3 3D Transform | Webstuffshare.com
20 Fresh CSS3 Tutorials | Tutorials
LayerSlider – The Parallax Effect Slider Preview – CodeCanyon


Built With Bootstrap
Bootstrap, from Twitter
Font Awesome, the iconic font designed for use with Twitter Bootstrap
HTML EMAIL BOILERPLATE v 0.5 updated 11/5
16 Useful Boilerplates to Start Your Project Quickly | Queness
Yet another boilerplate for responsive (mobile) web design. YAMB.
The 1140px CSS Grid System · Fluid down to mobile
Fluid Baseline Grid – A sensible HTML5 and CSS3 development kit
15 Extremely Useful CSS Grid Layout Generator For Web Designers
Variable Grid System :: Generate CSS grid templates based on '960 Grid System'
10 Promising CSS Framework That Worth A Look
Adapt.js – Adaptive CSS
960 Grid System // Speaker Deck
Photoshop Grids | PSD Grid Templates


Responsive Design: 160 useful tools, plugins and resources – WebDesignShock
Everything You Need to Build A CSS3 Responsive Fluid Layout | Queness


HTML5 Video with alpha transparency


A Beginner's Guide to Using the Application Cache – HTML5 Rocks


phonegap / iPad
phonegap/phonegap-start · GitHub
jquery mobile – screen flash in phonegap ipad app – Stack Overflow
Splash Screen appears twice on iPad application – phonegap | Google Gruppi

10 online tools to simplify HTML5 coding | CatsWhoCode.com
Mastering HTML5 Prefetching | CatsWhoCode.com
Creating an iOS-like Home Screen with CoffeeScript | Tutorialzine
26 Fresh jQuery & CSS3 Tutorials From 2012 – DesignM.ag
Showcase Of Useful CSS3 Tutorials And Techniques | Free and Useful Online Resources for Designers and Developers
What’s new for designers, April 2012 | Webdesigner Depot
Understanding CSS 3D Transforms 1 | eleqtriq
Fluid Squares v2. A responsive grid experiment.
The 1140px Grid · Fluid down to mobile


UI library

Chico UI | UI Widgets
Kartograph – rethink mapping
jQuery UI Touch Punch – Touch Event Support for jQuery UI


Glisse.js – a simple, responsive and fully customizable jQuery photo viewer
Roundup Of 20 Best Jquery Image Sliders | Lava360
Galleria – The JavaScript Image Gallery
Backstretch: a simple jQuery plugin that allows you to add a dynamically-resized background image to any page
20 Useful jQuery Plugins for Responsive Web Design – DesignModo
Responsive Image Gallery
80 Powerful (Free) jQuery Plugins to Enrich Your Sites User Experience | Tools | instantShift
jQuery Quicksand plugin
7 Image Sliders with Responsive Fluid Layout Support | Queness
Rhinoslider: Show a demo and download your custom jQuery slider/slideshow
Slideshow with jmpress.js
5 Awesome Free jQuery Plugins for Web Designers
Wookmark jQuery Plugin
jQuery NailThumb
heroic/Rucksack · GitHub
multi page / slide / slideshow – Jquery.ascensor.js
11 Helpful jQuery Google Maps Plugins and Tutorials
HoverSlider – a jQuery Hover Effect Slider from Kreatura Media
15 Ideal jQuery Slider For Responsive Design – 2experts.net
50 New Resources and Tools for Web Developers




Hoverizr – A responsive jQuery Image manipulation and overlay plugin | Grayscale, Blur, Color Inversion
jQuery Waypoints
zLayer jQuery Plugin – Orientate Elements | Devin R. Olsen Web Developer
playground.mobily.pl – marcin dziewulski – MobilyBlocks Demo
Whitney Houston, 1963-2012
60 Best jQuery Plugins to Enhance Your Web Experience | Sky Tech Geek


Essential jQuery Plugin Patterns | Smashing Coding
Thinking Async | CSS-Tricks
PageSlide: a jQuery plugin which slides a webpage over to reveal an additional interaction pane
weixiyen/jquery-filedrop · GitHub
Ajax Upload; A file upload script with progress-bar, drag-and-drop.
15 Simple & Effective jQuery Plugins that Enhance Your Forms | Onextrapixel – Web Design & Development Online Magazine
jQuery.dotdotdot, advanced cross-browser ellipsis for multiple line content.
Drag-and-Drop with jQuery: Your Essential Guide
Extensive Collection Of jQuery Drag And Drop Plugins | Free and Useful Online Resources for Designers and Developers
Kicksend/mailcheck · GitHub
Copybot Demo
How to Create a Helpful Plugin With Twitter Anywhere | Nettuts+
jQuery Scroll Path
Tudo que você gostaria de saber sobre plugins jQuery e ninguém teve paciência de explicar | Tableless


basket.js – a simple script loader that caches scripts with localStorage
jQuery UI – Sortable Demos & Documentation
jQuery UI – Sortable Demos & Documentation
tombonner/jurlp · GitHub
jQuery Plugin Development Boilerplate | Websanova
jQuery: 14 Plugins für flexible Website-Layouts » t3n News
Touch · bebraw/jswiki Wiki · GitHub
javascript – How do I get started with Node.js – Stack Overflow


You Really Should Log Client-Side Errors

retina / mobile

tylercraft/jQuery-Retina · GitHub


CraftMap – jQuery plugin that converts a simple image into a functional map – jscraft.net
slabText – a jQuery plugin for creating big, bold & responsive headlines
jQuery Transit – CSS3 animations for jQuery
Newly Released Tools And Resources For Web Designers And Web Developers
PanoJS3 – pure JavaScript viewer for huge images
smoke.js – overlay window
skrollr – parallax scrolling for the masses
Experimental Page Layout Inspired by Flipboard
Free PHP File Manager | File Thingie
Hovercard – a jQuery plugin with built in Twitter and Facebook cards
ddSlick – a jQuery plugin for custom drop down with images


chandlerprall/Physijs · GitHub
tQuery – extensions for three.js


More news from MS Open Tech: announcing the open source Metro style theme for jQuery Mobile – Interoperability @ Microsoft – Site Home – MSDN Blogs
jQuery MobileのテーマにMetroスタイルが登場。Microsoft Open Technologiesが発表 - Publickey


gmaps.js — the easiest way to use Google Maps

10 awesome jQuery snippets | CatsWhoCode.com
Tutorials and snippets to get started with CoffeeScript | CatsWhoCode.com
JavaScript frameworks, tools and techniques to create killer applications | CatsWhoCode.com
Code on Forrst Sort by: POPULAR RECENT STAFF PICKS Send SMS from Google Spreadsheet
MiniAjax.com / Highlighting Rich Experiences on the Web – StumbleUpon
Geocoding con Google Maps API V3: un esempio « Il blog di Cirdan il Timoniere
jQuery.noConflict() – jQuery API
10 handy jQuery mobile tips and snippets to get you started | Webdesigner Depot
jquery-ui-map – Google map v3 plugin for jQuery and jQuery Mobile – Google Project Hosting
Getting started with jQuery mobile twitter app « Amit Patil
MarkerClusterer with Google maps and jQuery – Google maps jQuery plugin
Google Streetview with microformats – Google maps jQuery plugin
HTML5 Canvas Tutorials
Dragdealer JS
How to Use jQuery to Make Slick Page Transitions | Onextrapixel – Web Design & Development Online Magazine
banana html5 – the banana project – transformations
Nerdworks Blogorama – Animating CSS3 2D Transforms
heygrady/transform – GitHub
Morris.js grafici e dati
Wrangle Async Tasks With JQuery Promises | Nettuts+
10 Coding Tips to Write Superior jQuery Plugins | Websanova
Websanova – Mousestop jQuery Plugins
Using jQuery, Plugins and UI Controls With Backbone | ThoughtStream.new :derick_bailey
Instagram – Using the API | instagr.am API | TechMonks
Pull Down for Navigation – Inspect Element
Four Different Ways of Implementing Twitter on your Site – Inspect Element
FlashJS – opensource HTML5 game engine with API similar to Flash one
Audio.js Emulate HTML5’s <audio> Tag for All Browsers | Web Resources | WebAppers
Demos & Downloads
Top 10 jQuery Plugins for Programmers | Switch on the Code
Hammer.js — A javascript library for multi touch gestures
40 Recently Released jQuery Plugins
35 Useful Responsive Web Design Tools
generate html dom – Laconic DOM Library
caricamento scroll – fredwu/jquery-endless-scroll · GitHub
Le closure in Javascript
Autofill City & State from Zip Code with Ziptastic | CSS-Tricks
jQuery/JavaScript Tools and Plugins Worth Checking Out | Impressive Webs
Hovercard – a jQuery plugin with built in Twitter and Facebook cards


Premium OpenCart Themes & Templates | Opencartthemes.com
Opencart template: realizziamone uno (1a parte)
opencart Template, opencart Templates opencart skins, opencart themes
OpenCart | ThemeForest
Mailchimp Opencart Module



automatic feed

WordPress › WPeMatico « WordPress Plugins
WordPress › Automatic Youtube Video Posts Plugin « WordPress Plugins
WordPress › FeedWordPress « WordPress Plugins
AutoBlogged WP Autoblogger Plugin Features AutoBlogged™ WordPress Autoblog Plugin
WordPress › Support » Tags — wpematico

WordPress › Jetpack Easy Playlists « WordPress Plugins
WordPress › Simple Likebuttons (Facebook, Google+, Twitter) « WordPress Plugins
MultiEdit Plugin
Multiple Featured Images for 1 WordPress Post – Tristar Web Design
How to Add More Than One Featured Image in Your Post – WP Mayor
WordPress › Onswipe « WordPress Plugins
WordPress › Device Theme Switcher « WordPress Plugins
WordPress › CSV Importer « WordPress Plugins
WordPress › Gallery Metabox « WordPress Plugins
WordPress › Additional image sizes (zui) « WordPress Plugins
WordPress › WPThumb « WordPress Plugins
WordPress › Gallery to Slideshow « WordPress Plugins



Free HTML5/CSS3 WordPress 3.1+ Theme With Responsive Layout: Yoko | Smashing Magazine
Responsive WordPress Themes
Uber » Full Width
Best Responsive WordPress Themes
Storefront Xyloto | A Theme Demo site by Storefront Themes
Responsive WordPress Theme | Uber | Theme Trust
WordPress – Gala, a Tasty Mac-inspired Agency WordPress Theme | ThemeForest
WordPress – Reaction WP : Responsive, Rugged, Bold | ThemeForest
Buro WordPress Theme | WooThemes | WordPress Themes 2012
10 Best (FREE) WordPress Responsive Themes from 2011 | Freebies
15 Best and Free Responsive WordPress Themes | gonzoblog.nl
Mixfolio | Just another Theme demos site
Laoreet mauris « Fullscreen
The Hypocrisy of Civilized Society « Mansion
35 Best Responsive WordPress Themes
2winfactor | Theme: Aware(Responsive)
Imaginem Themes | Preview: Trine
Modulo – Responsive premium theme Preview – ThemeForest
RenkliBeyaz | ThisWayWP
Highlights – Fluid
WordPress Themes – ColorLabs & Company
WooThemes | Themes
WordPress › Mobile Client Detection Plugin « WordPress Plugins
WordPress › Responsive « Free WordPress Themes


Free E-Commerce WordPress Theme: Balita | Smashing Magazine
Free Prestashop and WordPress E-Commerce Theme: Velvet Sky | Smashing Magazine
Hoodie | Whitelight

single page

40 Beautiful Single Page WordPress Themes Showcase

Towfiq I. » Triton Lite: Free WordPress Theme
Imbalance 2 Free WordPress Theme
Sight Free WordPress Theme
Site5 FREE Premium WordPress Themes
Themes | Kriesi.at – WordPress Themes and HTML Templates
Kriesi.at Theme Demos | Theme: Shoutbox
Free WordPress 3.1 Theme: Splendio (With PSD Sources) | Smashing Magazine
Sight: Free WordPress 3.0.1-Ready Theme For Magazines and Blogs | Smashing Magazine
Download "Gallery": A Free WordPress Theme | Smashing Magazine
Color Paper: A Free WordPress Theme | Smashing Magazine
Agregado: A Free WordPress Theme | Smashing Magazine
33 Stunning WordPress Portfolio Themes to Display Fullscreen Image Slideshow in Background – WPDressing.com
WordPress – Folioway – Premium Portfolio WordPress Theme | ThemeForest



Roles and Capabilities « WordPress Codex
Ultimate Guide to Roles and Capabilities | Gary Cao
Function Reference/add cap « WordPress Codex
WordPress › Support » Allow Editor Role to Edit Settings (manage_options)
How to Create Infinite Scroll Pagination | Wptuts+


Administration Menus « WordPress Codex


Gallery Metabox – Bill Erickson
How To Integrate the WordPress Media Upload Box Into Your Meta Boxes
Custom Meta Boxes – Bill Erickson
Adding fields to the Media Gallery – Bill Erickson
WordPress › Support » Using WP's ThickBox in a plugin
WordPress › Support » WordPress Uploader in Plugin or Theme
Using the WordPress Media Uploader in Your Plugin or Theme – aLittleCode
How to Set Default Text in your Post Editor [WORDPRESS]

menu walkers

WordPress › Support » Customised Menu Walker
Improve your WordPress Navigation Menu Output | Kriesi.at – WordPress Themes and HTML Templates
WordPress Custom Walker Class to get Sister Pages for Sub-Menu – PHP – Snipplr Social Snippet Repository


Mastering WordPress Shortcodes | Smashing WordPress
How to use, style and implement WordPress shortcodes | TutToaster
10 incredibly cool WordPress shortcodes | CatsWhoCode.com
Enabling shortcodes in widgets, quick WordPress tip. | Danny van Kooten
WordPress: selezionare gli shortcode nell’editor utilizzando una select box | Gabriele Romanato

custom types relations

My Musings | WP3: Set parent post to post of different type
WordPress › Posts 2 Posts « WordPress Plugins

Integrating Insane Google Services with WordPress for Healthy Blogging | Onextrapixel – Web Design & Development Online Magazine
Top 10 WordPress Hacks of All Time | Onextrapixel – Web Design & Development Online Magazine
The Ultimate WordPress Multi Site Network Management Guide | Onextrapixel – Web Design & Development Online Magazine
How to Incorporate Humans.txt into Your WordPress Site | Onextrapixel – Web Design & Development Online Magazine
How to add Multiple Featured Images in WordPress | Life on Lars
Creating Admin Themes « WordPress Codex
WordPress Custom Taxonomy Input Panels
How To Design And Style Your WordPress Plugin Admin Panel | Onextrapixel – Web Design & Development Online Magazine
WordPress Tutorials | Freebies for WordPress | WP RootsHow to Create Meta Boxes in WordPress
How to Customize the WordPress Admin Area
Roles and Capabilities « WordPress Codex
Transients API « WordPress Codex
WordPress: usare Twitter con le Transients API | Gabriele Romanato
WordPress: inserire gli ultimi tweet utilizzando uno shortcode | Gabriele Romanato
PHP: visualizzare i tweet preferiti da Twitter | Gabriele Romanato
Useful WordPress Tools, Themes and Plugins | Smashing WordPress


Nuova cartella

Mission Transition | Smashing UX Design
jQuery Mobile | jQuery Mobile
WordPress | Onextrapixel – Web Design & Development Online Magazine
A Collection of the Most Recent and Useful WordPress Themes and Plugins | Onextrapixel – Web Design & Development Online Magazine

10 WordPress Plugins: Easy for Designers, Happier Clients | Onextrapixel – Web Design & Development Online Magazine
Enhance Your WordPress Blog With These 12 Plugins | Onextrapixel – Web Design & Development Online Magazine
Urban: A Free WordPress Theme › Paul Bennett


Roots WordPress Theme | Rapidly create sites with HTML5 Boilerplate & Bootstrap from Twitter
WordPress Custom Fields


Hacks, Snippets and Articles | WordPress Snippets
WordPress functions.php Snippets | WP FUNCTION ME
Code Snippets – Snipplr Social Snippet Repository
PHP Code Snippets


WordPress Network (Multisite) installation & plugins – OptimWise: Web Design for Small Business
WordPress › Support » Plugins can only be installed under Network Admin
WordPress › Proper Network Activation « WordPress Plugins
Write a Plugin for WordPress Multi-Site

Nuova cartella




Font Awesome, the iconic font designed for use with Twitter Bootstrap


Will (Statutory Form)


List of All Countries in All Languages and All Data Formats | Umpirsky Software Development Blog


Flickr: Il forum di aiuto: Flickr RSS stream import to website
Methods Of Adding Your Flickr Photostream To Your Site – WebM.ag | Web Design Magazine


Snippets | CatsWhoCode.com



DISTANCE-TORAD() – geolocation – toRad() javascript function throwing error – Stack Overflow
DISTANCE- math – How do I calculate distance between two latitude longitude points? – Stack Overflow

Better Google Web Fonts
Scrollorama e Scrolldeck, slideshow d'effetto con jQuery | Articoli Javascript | Javascript.HTML.it

HTML email inline styler
Configurazione del dispositivo Apple per Google Sync – Guida di Google Mobile
Design Wireframing Kits
List of Web Safe Fonts – Font Tester
jQuery Scripts for Creating Cool Image Slideshows
Sketchy Structures : HTML5 Canvas :: the works and portfolio of Jay Weeks
Lorem Ipsum – All the facts – Lipsum generator
Sass Documentation
⌘C ⌘V Character
Read Later
Calaméo – Publish and share documents
Press This
LLOOGG – web 2.0 tail -f access.log
Shadowbox.js Media Viewer » Download
Dropbox – Home – Secure backup, sync and sharing made easy.
Aruba.it – Control Panel
Offerte voli Perugia – Palermo con eDreams
Elegant WordPress Themes – member's Area
Adobe® BrowserLab – Flash Player Installation
Consorzio Etimos
Consorzio Etimos
Xmarks Blog
blog title
Sms Gratis da web – Invio SMS
jQuery for Designers
Viaggi Tour Operator Vie dei Canti Viaggi contatti
Reviews of Panorama Residence in Portoroz
Guida Croazia
Opera Web Standards Curriculum
mac mini
LOCALHOST Index of /
60+ Practical Cheat Sheets For Web Developers
Consorzio Etimos
Commenti per Umbria Terra
WordPress Development Blog
Studio Isoladipasqua – Grafica – immagine coordinata – web design – video – multimedia a Pisa – Piccola guida ortografica
Google Alert – design perugia
Google Alert – berlusconi
Impostazioni Analytics – Google Analytics
link:http://www.reborn.it – Google Blog Search
BCPT associati Perugia – Autentity Design
Xbox Media Center – Remote Control
Film Gratis e Film Streaming su LinkStreaming.com
GREG'S PLACE v4 : phpMyNewsletter
Esercito Italiano: La Bacheca
Aggiungi nuovo articolo ‹ Palio delle barche. — WordPress
Supernatural streaming ITA – Tutti gli episodi
jhubert's safari-live-css-extension at master – GitHub
Safari Extension: Live CSS Editor | Trent Walton
Create and share your list of links — urli.st
WebFont Loader – Google Font API – Google Code
Paul Irish
Site5 Free WordPress Themes
Colpo di fulmine – Il mago della truffa streaming film megavideo » Italia-film.Com | Film Gratis Online In STREAMING Megavideo
Supernatural streaming : Streaming
Awesome Image-Attachment Recipes for WordPress | Digging into WordPress
Adding Categories And Post Tags Boxes For Custom Post Type In WordPress – Deluxe Blog Tips
Installatron Applications Installer
Idee, problemi e domande su CriticalCity Upload
Index of /Tutorials
jQuery TOOLS – The missing UI library for the Web
Stéphane Caron – No Margin For Errors
Belgian Graphic Design | Veerle's blog 3.0 – Webdesign – XHTML CSS | Graphic Design
scbFramework: scbForms Reference | scribu
Streaming Serie tv :South Park | Megastreaming.biz
Free 30 000+ 3D models. Download without registration – Archive3D.net
Top Design Magazine – Web Design and Digital Content
CodeBox : Free PDF to Flash Page Flip converter
ContuttoPDF (WordPress Plugin to convert your Content to PDF) | averagecoder
Customizing the PDF file created with ContuttoPDF WordPress Plugin | averagecoder
Errore SSL
HTML email inline styler
Font Squirrel | Create Your Own @font-face Kits
MyAlgebra – Solve Your Algebra Problems Online
Shortcodes – Columns | Breakout
PUSH – How To Enable Push Notifications On Your Jailbroken iPhone | TheDailyBuggle
Condividi su Tumblr

Typewriter Free Fonts | Font Squirrel
Gmail Priority Inbox – YouTube
Google Traduttore
Quick Trick to Remove /category/ From WordPress URL – WPMU.org
Saldi – Solasié – Emerald srl | sportswear and accessories Made in Italy di Emerald s.r.l.

Più recenti
Etichette recenti
Scarica componenti aggiuntivi per i segnalibri


sp_game.swf (Oggetto application/x-shockwave-flash)
Play Street Sesh Skateboard
Flash Games 247 – Addicting Games – Free Games
Flash Online Games
RuneScape – the massive online adventure game by Jagex Ltd
QRhacker.com – Pimp your code!
How to put your logo in a QR code – Hack a Day
How To Integrate Facebook, Twitter And Google+ In WordPress – Smashing WordPress | Smashing WordPress
http://www.facebook.com/ non disponibile
– Mafia – Le Origini, La Globalizzazione (National Geographic).avi – YouTube
Alice Mail
ipad html apply scroll inertia to div – Cerca con Google
Servizio Hosting – Aruba.it
Henge #1
Fake Mail Generator – Free temporary email addresses

Ricerche Rapide

Dizionario De Mauro
Urban Dictionary
Dictionary.com Quicksearch
Wikipedia Quicksearch
Stock Symbol Quicksearch

Strumenti e consultazione

:: Umbria Meteo ::
Previsioni meteo Neve – 3B meteo: il portale della meteorologia
Torrent Portal – Free BitTorrent Index
isoHunt – World's largest BitTorrent and P2P search engine
Hotzone Online Snowboard Shop : Best selection worldwide
Blue Tomato Online Shop
Google webmaster
Custom Web Design and Programming. Freelance Programmers. Outsource Web Development Outsourcing
Ministero della Grafica – società dell’immagine, Comunicare è connettere open source, multietnica e meticcia
Skiinfo Italia – Bollettino Neve – Weather report, snow, forecast – coverage – mountain – snow height
Alessandro Portelli: Lezioni di storia: i giorni di Roma
Free Top Keyword List Generator
jqzoom | zoom via javascript
Ajax/Javascript/Dhtml examples and demos to download
Kelley Blue Book
Mayo Clinic
Guida: Creare mappe da usare offline – iPhone Italia – Il blog italiano sull'Apple iPhone 4S, iPhone 4 e 3GS
Google webmaster
Google webmaster


Main Page – BlenderWiki


NG BBS — As3: Keyboard Events For Newbies
help, modificare da as2 a as3
NG BBS — As3: Main
gotoandlearn.com – Free video tutorials by Lee Brimelow on the Flash Platform
Flash AS3 Webcam Motion Tracking | Detecting and tracking webcam movement
Photo Booth – Flash Webcam Image Capture | blog.vamapaull.com
INGV – CNT – Earthquake List

Web Site Architecture (Information Architecture), how to set up a web site
Modern Life – News & Views of the Modern Internet
Silly Flash Webcam Tricks & Effects, Warp The World Around You Live
Mediatyping by mezzoblue §
Invio mail al click [Archivio] – P2P Forum Italia
Destination Design
Lightbox Gone Wild Demo



:: Sexy Art Gallery :: La Gallerie Provocatrice ::
Graphic Orgasm Ultimate Webportal – gouw.nu » Design links and Graphics
Designaside v3 | 2005 Il web design parla italiano
Modern Web Design Firm | Professional Website Design
Diplomatic Cover : Feel Act Seduce
InterfaceLIFT icone e wallpapers
Web Templates | Flash Templates | Website Templates for Complete Websites
Heuserkampf | Gestalt & Gestaltung | Art Director for interactive Media | Kai Heuser | 2006/2007 Portfolio
Sartoria Comunicazione
digitalscience – FlashDen
The FWA: Favourite Website Awards – Web awards at the cutting edge
jan von holleben – dreams of flying
Ad Archive / Coloribus.com – Advertising Archive and mysterious coincidences in commercials
Snub Communications – web design and copywriting by Craig Grannell – Hampshire (near Reading, Farnborough, Basingstoke, London, Berkshire, Surrey)
I Believe in Advertising | Advertising Blog & Community
Mark Jenkins: Tape Sculpture and Street Installation
Logan Hicks
space invaders > the story of an invasion
:: Portfolio art director Vagner Lopes ::
Design RSS Roundup 50+ Feeds | Fuel Your Creativity
Design Inspiration Gallery – FAVEUP
English Russia » An Abandoned Coastline Defense Canon Battery
Terry posters – movie posters, books/magazines, movies, music, clothes
Swear Words
Website Templates, Web Templates, Flash, Word Templates – DreamTemplate
Hellohikimori © 2008 – Create with Pride
Flash templates to download – Free Flash Template – Flash design – Adobe Macromedia template
Category: Design Trends
Joshua Davis | Studios » posters
Online Creative Consultancy by SharpSushi Pty Ltd
un progetto di sensibilizzazione per stimolare l’immaginazione attraverso l’ “arte”
fatboy The Original – you can sit sleep lounge on it
Planit – Ideas Transform
Duoh! | Web/Graphic Design, CSS, Web standards, Logo design …
81 of the best logo design resources | Logo Design Love
Surface Collective
Category:Prints – The Giant: The Definitive Obey Giant Site
sezione aurea: branding, creativity, digital and graphic design
Home, Center for Responsible Business, Haas School of Business
SiteSeeing Interaktive Medien
Jetset Graffiti
Popaganda, The Art and Crimes of Ron English
50+ Gorgeous Navigation Menus | Vandelay Website Design
Get the Glass!
Graphic Design Inspiration Ideas : Web Design Inspiration : Best of the Web Designs Ideas : Gallery of Best Sites
design resources: design books : graphic design books, web design books, motion design, typography books… basically the best books for your design library, hand picked for your viewing pleasure.
Web Design
UniqueCSS.com | The Most Unique CSS Designs. Here.
Editor's Picks | W3C Sites
csstux – The best dressed sites on the web
Quiksilver : official website and online shop
Duncan Wilson – Pixelnotes
80 Large Background Websites
Upgrade 4.1 – Web Agency
links | risorse | www.fulvioromanin.it | web and whatnot
Riconoscimenti|nascar agenzia leader nel web design & nel web marketing | web agency Milano
Consulenti di Business, Brand e Marketing » Technology Spotlight
Very Funny Ads
Web Design Trends For 2009 | Design Showcase | Smashing Magazine
Stylepark – Vitra: Asterisk Clock white by George Nelson
COLORZ . Communication Interactive & Créative
thecoolhunter.net – architecture
Grafikonstruct Activity
Web design Bologna, realizzazione siti web Bologna
Design Inspiration | Vandelay Design Blog
CSS & Web Design Gallery – Showcase by Browsershots – Browsershots
Samsung doet een Braviaatje – Fontanel – Art, Design & Web
FWAPhoto – One Photo a Day | 2009-03-22 | Sean Kennedy Santos – Eternal
ToDo – interaction & media design
ps.2 arquitetura + design
Samsung doet een Braviaatje – Fontanel – Art, Design & Web
Samsung doet een Braviaatje – Fontanel – Art, Design & Web



Flash Magazine > Tutorials > Create the Earth and heavens in less than an hour with Away3D
Away3D Flash Engine » Demos


Flash Player 10 : rotation (x,y,z) properties example at Mike Chambers
dispatchEvent()™ » Blog Archive » Flash Player 10 – 3D Example




blog.tartiflop » Blog Archive » First steps in Papervision3D : Part 1
Papervision 3d first template start-up tutorial
papervision3d – Google Code
jiglibflash – Google Code
tweener – Google Code
Category Archive for ‘Examples’ at Papervision 3D Tutorials
Papervision Shadow Casting | zupko.info
ARToolKit Marker Generator Online released! « flash.tarotaro.org.blog
Saqoosha.net :: Start-up guide for FLARToolkit
Getting Started with Augmented Reality and the Flash Platform | Ryan Stewart – Rich Internet Application Mountaineer
WikiStart/en – Spark project


FlarToolkit/Flash Augmented RealityGetting Started | Mikko Haapoja's Blog
Download_from_SVN – papervision3d – Google Code
| BurnedBrain
Nabble – Papervision3D – Augmented Reality FPS = SLOW

Microphone controlled animation in Papervision3D – Everyday Flash

MovieClip — Version 8
The Tween Class: A Flash Designer's Best Friend, Part 2
Creating an Auto-Start CD using Flash
openkapow – Blogs
Flash 8 Experiments by BETARUCE
gotoandlearn.com – Free video tutorials on using the Flash Platform by Lee Brimelow
Beginner’s Papervision Tutorial! « Fleishman-Hillard Visual Communications Blog
AS 3 and Flash 9 Alpha -Tutorials and Resources (by betaruce)
Papervision 2 » 8. Keyboard Interaction (To move the camera)
flashAS3 – a
flash as3 – b
Tutorials « JuliusDesign
kirupa.com – Using the Tween Class
google dentro flash
sephiroth.it – free flash/flex and php files (Alessandro Crugnola)
Physics Flash Animations
FlashGuru Consulting » Flash Extensions
[Flash 2004 Pro] : intercettare la fine di un FLV [Archivio] – ActionScript.it – il Forum
Apollo:Articles – Adobe Labs
Apollo:Documentation – Adobe Labs
SWFObject Support Forum – Flash & Lightbox – Display Priority
Audio e video streaming con Flash e strumenti Open Source – Webaccessibile.org – ISSN: 1721-4874
Proiettore in fullscreen f8 – ActionScript.it – il Forum
Flash Perfection – Flash Tutorials
penner's easing_demo
SandBox flash – Adobe – Centro per sviluppatori : Modifiche alla sicurezza in Flash Player 8
Flash and Yahoo Map API
Tutorials Flash – Metah
Photoshop Tutorials and Flash Tutorials
Flash Earth …satellite and aerial imagery of the Earth in Flash
Webcam motion detection in AS3 at Liam O’Donnell
pv3d.org – Papervision3D Tutorials » pv3d 2.0 tutorial list
Examples – PaperVision3D wiki
True Fullscreen Flash Mode – SWF Spot – Flash and Actionscript > Tutorials > Flash 8
Fullscreen Mode « JuliusDesign
Papervision3D API
Tweener API Documentation and Language Reference
Papervision3D Great White branch
pv3d.org – Papervision3D Tutorials » pv3d 2.0 tutorial list
The Flash Blog
The Flash Blog » Flash 9 Sound Spectrum!
The Flash Blog » ASTRO API
gotoandlearn.com – Free video tutorials by Lee Brimelow on the Flash Platform
ActionScript 3 Tutorials vari
Adobe-AIR | Undolog.com
Intense Minimalism • Tutorial ActionScript3: Flash CS3 e MXMLC (Flex)
TextField – ActionScript 3.0 Language and Components Reference
Macromedia – Developer Center : Advanced drawing methods in Macromedia Flash MX
Papervision 2.0 – Getting started from a simple starting example at CS54 : Fun with Flash AS 3.0, AS 2.0, Papervision, and Design
All Packages – Papervision 3D 2.0 GW rev. 691
papervision3d – Google Code
Servizi Flickr
The Great Flickr Tools Collection
www.apifinder.com – Get Started with API Programming Using Flickr with Flash, C#, or Java
ActionScript 3:resources:apis:libraries – Adobe Labs
ActionScript 3 Libraries
ActionScript 3 Jpeg Encoder Revealed: Saving Images from Flash | Design Reviver
AS3: Flash Printing Basics – ActionScript 3 – Snipplr
AS 3 Issue with Dynamic Content & printJob – kirupaForum
Stampare da Flash | Articoli Flash | Flash.HTML.it
Flash 2 Desktop – ActionScript.it – il Forum
Quasimondo – Mario Klingemann's Flash Blog: Saving JPEGs or PNGs with Flash 8 Revisited
alcune info sull'uso di zinc [Archivio] – ActionScript.it – il Forum
Free Adobe Flash Tutorials | Layers Magazine: For Everything Adobe
candydimension – Google Code
candymandesign: CandyDimension V1.0
Flashloaded – Download Free Flash Components
pv3d.org – Papervision3D Tutorials and Examples by John Lindquist – Part 3
Export your Blender objects straight to Away3D, Papervision3D and Sandy! | Rozengain.com – New Media Development Blog
Asual | SWFAddress – Deep linking for Flash and Ajax
swfin – Google Code
saqoosha/FLARToolKit/en – Spark project
trick7 – 火・炎の表現に – 「TeraFire」ライブラリ公開してみます。
RSS Template — Clearspring Developer Site

as3 classes

Actionscript Classes » AS 3
AS3 Full Screen Image Class with alignment scaling and smoothing. at GFX Complex
Downloads – as3-fullscreen-lib – Google Code

ActionScript 3 Tip of the Day – kirupaForum
New Flash Fullscreen Mode [V2online – Personal portfolio]
[Zinc][tips and tricks] Caricamento di file esterni – ActionScript.it – il Forum
Kreativo flash templates builder | flash sites web design| flash e-commerce | mobile phone, smarphone, palm websites
ToobPlayer 1.0.0 – Quick Start
Flash Components – FLV Video Players – ToobPlayer – Downloads
Advanced Flash Components
*drawlogic » Deep Linking in Flash – SWFObject and SWFAddress – interactive and game development technologies for the web – flash, flex, unity3d, silverlight, javascript [ draw.logic ] » Deep Linking in Flash – SWFObject and SWFAddress » Deep Linking i
*drawlogic » AS3 YouTube Chromeless Player in Flash/Flex – interactive and game development technologies for the web – flash, flex, unity3d, silverlight, javascript [ draw.logic ] » AS3 YouTube Chromeless Player in Flash/Flex » AS3 YouTube Chromeless P
Chromeless YouTube player in Flash | Design Royale Labs
Papervision3D: BasicView | Undolog.com
Mathieu Badimon | FIVe3D
Republic of Code Tutorials
10. Advanced Interactivity at Papervision 3D Tutorials


js utili

ThickBox 2.1.1
Lightbox 2
Personalizzare Lightbox con i CSS | Articoli Css | Css.HTML.it
Google Maps sul tuo sito » SyGy Blog
window resize | Thonik vacature
Combination Effects – scriptaculous – GitHub
Home – scriptaculous – GitHub
JonDesign's (Javascript) SmoothGallery 2.0: Improved Mootools Mojo for Images | Full gallery
Mootools Javascript Tests
DL Demo
Facebook | Condividi Soci
Sam-sys web designing companies india, web designing india, web designing chennai
Superfish – Suckerfish on 'roids
jquery interface
jQueryPlugins.com » Categories
Jeditable Edit In Place Demo
MooTools Demos
FancyForm – Javascript checkbox replacement
Cult-foo » elSelect – customizable SELECT element.
Plugins | jQuery Plugins
jQuery.ifixpng – png transparency for windows ie versions below 6
script.aculo.us – web 2.0 javascript
mooSlide – ajax based slider – lightbox replacement
jQuery sIFR Plugin
Costruendo Holyguard.net: usare sIFR con Jquery – Holyguard.net – Web coding and development
30 Scripts For Galleries, Slideshows and Lightboxes | Developer's Toolbox | Smashing Magazine
jQuery UI – Demos & Documentation
Bella JQuery Gallery | …ManuIdea
Tjpzoom 3 – uno zoom per le immagini | …ManuIdea
JQuery slidebox | …ManuIdea
Bellissimo menu con JQuery | …ManuIdea
Dropdown menu animato con JQuery | …ManuIdea
Fancy Zoom Demo by Ordered List
Supersized – Full Screen Background/Slideshow jQuery Plugin | Build Internet!
Ariel Flesler: jQuery.SerialScroll
JQuery Cycle Plugin
jqModal :: Minimalistic Modaling for jQuery
JQuery modal dialog Boxes | 84 Bytes
Revealing Details with jQuery » Learning jQuery – Tips, Techniques, Tutorials
Shadowbox.js Media Viewer
40 Exceptional jQuery Interface Techniques and Tutorials
jQuery – Abbelliamo i form con jNice
Using jQuery to Style Design Elements: 20 Impressive Plugins | DevSnippets
Ticinonline – I numeri che l'Italia non può sapere
WordPress › Support » Fatal error using NextGEN Gallery -> WordPress broken!!!

Using XPath in Flash > Using XPath in Flash
FlashGuru Consulting » Flash 8 – setTimeout
[ the flash components network ]
AboutNico.be » Tutorial articles
Web Style Guide, 2nd Edition
The Elements of Typographic Style Applied to the Web
DHTML JavaScript Tooltips
Lightbox JS v2.0
QuirksMode – for all your browser quirks
XPath Syntax w3Schools
Best Practices for Stylizing and Customizing Links in CSS > Anchor Elements and Hypertext References
menu css
What you see — plone.org
List of XML and HTML character entity references – Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia
gotAPI.com – Quick search for HTML/CSS/JavaScript, PHP, AJAX, SQL and more
Scroll Div Content with Graphical Scrollbars Using DHTML
Carta Da Parati Degli Anni 70
Layout Gala – 40 layout CSS pronti da scaricare!
stile sui form – jNice, styled forms | jQuery Plugins
Custom Checkboxes, Custom Radio Buttons, Custom Select Lists
IE6 Min/Max-Width hack – Seopher.com
Learning CSS | WebChicklet
NETTUTS -How To Implement sIFR3 Into Your Website –
ie7-js – Google Code
10 Useful CSS tricks to conquer the world! | Peakflow Design
jQuery: The Write Less, Do More, JavaScript Library
FONTS _ Common fonts to all versions of Windows & Mac equivalents (Browser safe fonts) – Web design tips & tricks
FILTRI CSS Risoluzione dei problemi dei CSS | Articoli Css | Css.HTML.it
CSS Drive Gallery- Light CMS
Dynamic Drive DHTML Scripts- jQuery TreeView Menu (v1.4)
Scalable CSS Buttons Using PNG and Background Colors
XHTML Quicktime Object
Moduli con stile: usare i CSS con i form | Articoli Css | Css.HTML.it
Stu Nicholls | CSSplay | CSS only menus
Ranking 80 of the Top CSS Galleries | Vandelay Design Blog
mooSlide – ajax based slider – lightbox replacement – v3.2 revamp
Learning CSS | WebChicklet
NETTUTS -How To Implement sIFR3 Into Your Website –
Learning CSS | WebChicklet
NETTUTS -How To Implement sIFR3 Into Your Website –


thesitewizard.com: Tips on Improving Your Google Search Engine Ranking (Revisited)
[FAQ] Pagine di Registrazione nei principali Motori di Ricerca – 3 – siti di scambio | HTML.it forum
Tools per le keyword: l’intelletto » Posizionamento Google | SEO e Posizionamento motori di ricerca
Motori di ricerca e le directory – Guida al posizionamento nei motori di ricerca
|► Directory Open Free – Italiane
Google Tips e Promozione Siti Web: Quali Chiavi Di Ricerca Utilizzare
Meta Tag Information – http://thepiratebay.org/


Keyword Density Analyzer tool for search engine optimization and internet marketing experts
Selettore di parole chiave
Keyword Density Analyzer
Free META Tag Builder
Histats.com Free web stats and hit counter with invisible counters available for free
Free URL Submission to top Search Engines
Histats.com Free web stats and hit counter with invisible counters available for free
WordConstructor – Random Word Generator
Google SiteMap Generator – Web Marketing Tools Seo Utility
Flashmatics Library
MDB tutorial
Color Schemer Gallery | Website-ready color schemes for Color Schemer

Nielsen//NetRatings – A global leader in Internet media and market research
SEO Guide for Designers

java script and fix


Superfish – Suckerfish on 'roids
Suckerfish Dropdowns
LWIS.net CSS Drop-Down Menu Framework

IE PNG Alpha Fix Demonstration


Agile Carousel: Example with Multiple Slides Visible
Embed QuickTime | jQuery Plugin
Elegant Photo Gallery
Galleria Demo 1
jMaps API Documentation
Plugins | jQuery Plugins
Plugins | jQuery Plugins
Elastic – Make your textareas grow facebook style jQuery plugin | Unwrongest
Popular Snippets Tagged 'Jquery'
Visual jQuery 1.1
240 plugins jquery | sastgroup.com
10 jQuery scripts to improve your site’s interface | Design daily news
240 plugins jquery | sastgroup.com
240 plugins jquery | sastgroup.com


Mootools Link List – beta version 😉
artViper webdesign & programming » mootools

CSS-Tricks #39: How to Use sIFR 3
ModalBox | Wildbit



Habari Project
Available Themes – Habari Project

Function Reference « WordPress Codex
Function Reference 2.0.x « WordPress Codex
WordPress Mailing List Plugin
How You Can Use WordPress Functions to Run a Smarter Blog — Pearsonified
Marcatori Template – Main – WPWikiItaly
Home Page – Main – WPWikiItaly
Gerarchia Template – Main – WPWikiItaly
Unmatched Themes | Only the Best Free WordPress Themes
Create a WordPress reader "explore" block to promote content
Fluid yellow black wp themes | SkinPress.com
Subscribe2 Plugin
Cooliris | Discover More
Lightwindow with FlickrRSS
Pages « WordPress Codex
Free WordPress themes – CryBook » Themetation
WordPress › All in One SEO Pack « WordPress Plugins
100 Excellent Free WordPress Themes | Developer's Toolbox | Smashing Magazine
Page not found – Graph Paper Press
Sandbox Designs Competition · Enriching and challenging the blog design community in high semantic style
Blog Design and Layout « WordPress Codex
Listamatic: one list, many options – Using CSS and a simple list to create radically different list options
WordPress Tutorials – Blogging Tutorials – Video Training Series

Opera Mini | The most popular mobile phone browser in the world
25 Font-tastic Type Resources for Web Designers | Build Internet!
Bannerset.it – Dimensioni standard dei banner
How to Send Email with WordPress from GoDaddy (Windows Hosting) « WordPress « Mario J Vargas – Angstrey.com
jQuery Slideshow, 150 best resources
impress.js | presentation tool based on the power of CSS3 transforms and transitions in modern browsers | by Bartek Szopka @bartaz


eventi d'arte | mostre d'arte | news d'arte | exibart.com
Architettura di Pietra
Another Magazine – For Men and Women
: : : Defrag Magazine : : :
ROOTmagazine – archive
Home – .net magazine
Ecologia dei siti web.net
Vice Magazine Italy
REVOLVER LOVER {pum! pum! pum!}
Design(Radar \\\ promoting collectivities & community _____________________________________________________________________________
Home – Wallpaper.com – International Design Interiors Fashion Travel
MoCo Loco – Modern contemporary design & architecture
Home – .net magazine
Modern & Contemporary Design Magazine / Daily Blog / DESIGNSPOTTER.COM
Adobe Flash Tutorial | Flash Buttons | ActionScript 3 | Flash, Tutorials, Video Tutorials | Layers Magazine: For Everything Adobe
Freshcut.it » Blog Archive » Freshcut.it intervista Nazario Graziano (Revolver Lover / Anti)
Pìcame© | Blog
Tokyo Video Magazine VIS | TOP_33 | 349
vektorjunkie everything about vector graphic design


Beeline TV – Watch Online Television – Free Internet TV Channels
wwiTV.com – The ultimate guide to Live TV webcasts.
MonitoR – Italian Broadcast Magazine – Comunità RadioTelevisiva Italiana :: Dal 1976 al servizio dei professionisti della produzione audio video broadcast


samuelluchini . art director & graphic designer
MustaXD.com – Online portfolio of Raul Teodoro
BMW automobiles – website of the BMW AG
MetaDesign > Information needs design
My personal web site |
Architonic >> Products, Materials and Concepts in Architecture and Design
Technical Merit – Best Flash Animation Site.com V2.2
Always the best templates on the web!
flashmxdesign.com – Templates Home Page
Web Templates, Flash Templates, Website Templates Design – Template Monster
Art Crimes / graffiti.org – The Writing on the Wall
p i x e l s t u d i o [dot] o r g
Mkt Virtual – Interactive Marketing – Organizar projetos por: 'undefined'
[LOGO] www.lemoustache.es
Flickr: Album di M9S Digital + Creative + Agency
OGILVYONE worldwide
skate – shot on red – 120 fps on Vimeo
Grindline.com :: Skatepark Design/Build
Urban Dictionary: grind line
Web Design and Development Portfolio by Netfinity, Inc.
QIK | Streaming video right from your phone
BK – Begatto Kitchen, Paris. Création graphique, communication et évènements – Web design, création de sites Internet – références
p i x e l s t u d i o [dot] o r g
p i x e l s t u d i o [dot] o r g

Firefox Crew Picks

Google News
Lonely Planet
Craig's List
The Onion
Wired News
Internet Movie Archive
Amnesty International
Boing Boing
Pitchfork Media
Getty Images – Gettyimages.com –


Reborn – FIRST – Attacco alla superficie –
Internet Archive: Wayback Machine
Relaxing music, sleep-aids, anxiety reduction, relaxation tools
Watch UK TV ads free – tellyAds
Asta Giudiziaria, il sito ufficiale delle aste dell'Associazione Nazionale Istituti Vendite Giudiziarie
Indice ricette lampo
X-RATED – Adult movie posters of the 60s and 70s
Jennifer's language page
EveryoneDoesIT.com – Photo Gallery – Main Index – Powered by PhotoPost
..:: Street Art Attack ::..
Google Custom Search tutorial (using XML and PHP) – Seopher.com
Flickr: Album di bluebin
Prova i tuoi web design su altri browser – Browsershots

i vostri video // current
Myspace Editor – sito italiano per personalizzare Myspace – myspaceeditor.it
DealExtreme: Cool Gadgets at the Right Price
Welcome to FWA Theater – Powered by the FiV platform
RockOnFlash Great White


Carhartt Streetwear
Addicted To Skateboarding: HOME PAGE
Analog SS08 – analogclothing.com
Buy Funny, Cool and Designer T-Shirts from RedBubble
Threadless catalog of t-shirts . Unique, cool and funny tees.
Photorealistic T-Shirt Templates
20 T-shirts Roundup | Fubiz™


Segnalibri non catalogati

Phorm(a) | Official italian distributor for the brands Swedese, Tivoli Audio, deviceSTYLE, PlaySam, FatBoy, Oikos Fragrances, Geneva Lab Sound System, xO by Philippe Starck | Distributore italiano ufficiale per i marchi Swedese, Tivoli Audio, deviceSTYLE,
BCPT Associati Perugia. Autentity design.
Missy; Suicide Girls; Girls; ; Photos

Dashboard – Last.fm
Twingly Blog Search
poltrona,poltrone,poltroncina – Flap poltrona
Facebook | Home
fcn.nu | Installing an iSync-Plugin for Sony Ericsson S500i
Boing Boing: January 7, 2007 – January 13, 2007 Archives
tobeASIAN – your daily dose of Asian life.
Bar Code Revolution | Your barcode just stopped being boring
Sounds, Effects Download : Sound Effects synthfuelDEMO2.mp3
Criminal Searches – FREE criminal searches on anyone
Freelance Jobs
DeeGiallo elenco | Carlo Lucarelli
Chuck Norris – Nonciclopedia
||| ROUNDHOUSE KICKS ||| Il primo blog italiano interamente dedicato ai Chuck Norris Facts |||
One Piece: Il lancio dell'allarme di pericolo, la mitica nave pirata si sta spegnendo – ep. 196 | video one piece sub ita
ONE PIECE – Devil's Fruit Site
Welcome to the Newseum | The Interactive Museum of News
Newseum | Today's Front Pages | Archive | Gallery View


Stampe di Alice
Welcome to the A+R Store

Creature Discomforts » Games
DD-WRT – Info
Cooliris | Discover More
WiiFlash.org : Wiimote and Flash
KeepVid: Download and save any video from Youtube, Dailymotion, Metacafe, iFilm and more!
il Laboratorio Zanzara
40 Sets of Photoshop Custom Shapes | 10Steps.SG – Photoshop and Flash tutorials
idGettr – Find your Flickr ID
Progetti creativi dei Brand più importanti. Creazione della campagna pubblicitaria. Idee pubblicitarie per TV/Cinema/Radio. Soluzioni di pubblicità outdoor. Soluzioni di design creativo. Creazione della pubblicità web.
blik surface graphics. Decals, stickers and graphics for walls, cars and surfaces of all kinds.
Italy | World news | guardian.co.uk
British Food, English Food, English Tea – Life’s Little Luxuries
Maxprog | Maxbulk Mailer invio massivo di posta elettronica
WordPress Mailing List Plugin
WordPress › MailPress « WordPress Plugins
EUROPA – EURES – il portale europeo della mobilità professionale
Arthic online


SlideRocket – The Best Online Presentation Software.
The Freelancer’s Toolset: 100 Web Apps for Everything You Will Possibly Need : Codswallop
Best Open Source Resources for Web Developers | WebAppers
OpenXML Document Viewer – Release: November 2008 Community Technology Preview
UBIK.com : Welcome
Musica on demand, musica gratuita e illimitata senza download | Deezer
Nabble – Free Mailing List Setup
Sites Using jQuery – jQuery JavaScript Library

free fonts

Download fonts | dafont.com
Bitmap, pixel, screen fonts, small fonts, userbar | dafont.com
Download fonts | dafont.com
Free Fonts Of The Month: Advent Pro, Telegrafico | Fonts | Smashing Magazine
The League of Moveable Type

Free Photo

stock.xchng – the leading free stock photography site
All the Human Photo References and Textures 3D Artist Wants
Tool for Height on Flickr – Photo Sharing!
Fotografia digitale, immagini gratis, immagini ad alta risoluzione gratuite, fotografie gratuite, immagini, gratis, fotografia
Yotophoto | Find free photos… fast!
foto >>Alien-being or Mochi? su Flickr – Condivisione di foto!
foto >>Goffin Cockatoo at 1 month old su Flickr – Condivisione di foto!
popular streetsy photos of 2007 in streetsy.com
Desktopography 2008 exhibition released! – Nature's design on your desktop


best brands of the world – vector logotypes, brand, logo, logotype, logos
Marchi vettoriali
drawing_shapes – FFiles

FamSpam — Family Email, Photo Gallery, and Archive
Church and Non-Profit Management Made Easy – Stafftool
JW FLV Media Player | LongTail Video | Home of the JW Player
AddThis – Social Bookmark & Feed Button Builder
Free Vector Stock Images | Free Illustrator EPS and AI Downloads | Open Source Vector Files
Free Vector Art & Graphics :: Recent Vectors :: Page 1
Free Vector Art, Images & Graphics
Vector Art: 10 More Free Vector Resources That You Might Have Missed
COLOURlovers :: Color Trends + Palettes
Free Vector Art – Download Free Vector Graphics and Vector Art at Vecteezy!
FIVe3D – Flash Interactive Vector-based 3D
[CG Textures] – The worlds largest free texture site
Home | StreamZilla Content Delivery Network
Issuu – You Publish
Prototip 2 – Create beautiful tooltips with ease
Starbox – Rating stars for prototype
EHBOX booking engine / CRS solution
Programma mailing list, per invio email multiple | Programma email marketing, software invio newsletter e mailing list
<? ibwd[scripts] ?>
simpleCart(js) + PayPal = E-commerce in minutes | The Wojo Group
WordPress e-Commerce Plugin a WordPress Shopping Cart Plugin by Instinct | Instinct Entertainment
WordPress › WP e-Commerce « WordPress Plugins
Website Webmaster Search Engine Tools
The Lightbox Clones Matrix « planetOzh
Feed43 : Convert any web page to news feed on the fly
ilarialab.com » Fumettizza i video di YouTube con Tube Popper
30 free creative fonts hand-picked from DeviantArt – FrancescoMugnai.com
WPtouch: Mobile Plugin + Theme for WordPress ↔ BraveNewCode Inc.
Magento – Home – eCommerce Software for Growth
Create a Slick Flickr Gallery with SimplePie – Nettuts+
CMS Made Simple – Open Source Content Management System
phpFlickr –
jQuery UI – ThemeRoller
vixy.net : Online FLV Converter : Download online videos direct to PC / iPod / PSP. It's free!
Magento – Download Magento – eCommerce Software for Growth
Home | Verb
Welcome | Countdown Days
Logos, Domains, Websites, Print Designs from the World's Biggest Brand Marketplace |  Brandstack
Website value calculator and web information
A Good Company™
Welcome to Dezinerfolio | Dezinerfolio
Logos, Domains, Websites, Print Designs from the World's Biggest Brand Marketplace | Brandstack
Logos, Domains, Websites, Print Designs from the World's Biggest Brand Marketplace | Brandstack

PHPfileNavigator, the web file manager
Asta Giudiziaria : Ricerca avanzata
::: www.25togo.com :::
Etsy :: Your place to buy and sell all things handmade
Lukas Zimmer
Facebook activity around the world – Fontanel – Art, Design & Web
BUILT : Wholesale
Get Organized! Online Catalog – Welcome
Absinthe Lollipops!
Sprint: Plug into Now.
A9.com – Innovations in Search Technologies
Search results for [volpebianca] – Mininova
Yalp! – Guarda in grande. Tanti canali TV e video online, gratis.
GialloZafferano.it – Più gusto con stile !
Internet Archive
Macromedia Flashlite – Home page

serie sottotioli

::Italian Subs Addicted:: – Home

Subsfactory.it – Sub Ita – Sottotitoli per Passione – I subs ita dei migliori telefilm e serial TV
Google Ricerca Libri
Alice Video Italia – The best Internet video entertainment in Italiano: free online movies, television shows, music clips and funny videos
tripwolf travel guide – hungry for travel
Alice Gate VoIP – Porta USB
Software Gestione Documenti (Web Based File Manager PHP) – WFiles
The Grid System
ROJADIRECTA, ver partidos de fútbol gratis en directo por Internet, recién finalizados y video resúmenes. SopCast TVants Veetle Justin Mogulus Ustream…
Justin.tv – Live Streaming Video
How to Setup Bindings in Snowboarding | Expert Village Videos
CSS and Email, Kissing in a Tree
Top 15 Google Street View Sightings
Pasticci e deliri di una strega in cucina…….: Fagottini alle mele e noci
Search results for [Ultima Frontiera] – Mininova
The Future Perfect
The Future Perfect
WebTrends Marketing Web Analytics and Web Statistics
AnimeDB • Leggi argomento – Lista Anime & Cartoon # – Z
Worth1000.com | Photoshop Contests | Are you Worthy™ | home page
Taming Your Multiple IE Standalones
Marc L***
Search results for [TNTVILLAGE] – Mininova
Search results for [palmbeach] – Mininova
Armi leggere, guerre pesanti: il … – Google Ricerca Libri
FOTO.com Italia : Stampa foto digitali
Effect.BlindDown – scriptaculous – GitHub
TeamViewer Download
Archivio Storico Istituto Luce – home
:: Makrè Gadget – Promozione e Comunicazione Creativa – Abbigliamento Personalizzato, Gadgets Pubblicitari e Regalistica ::
Merchant No. 4 » Wood Measuring Spoons
CamSpace.com: Kiss Your Keyboard, Mouse & Joystick Goodbye! Play Games With Your WebCam!
interior design
Bouf – Championing homeware designers: sofas, tables, kitchenware, wallpaper, beanbags, chairs, lighting, cushions, ceramics and glass
Low Carb Isopure 1 kg Nature's Best Gusto Cacao – Scheda prodotto – ALL the BEST
Disegni di tatuaggi | Disegni Tatuaggi | Foto Tatuaggi | tatuaggio, tattoo, tatuaggi lettere, tatuaggi tribali, disegni tatuaggi
Orioto on deviantART
FACEinHOLE.com – Who do you want to be today?
Free Cheat Sheets for Developers | Refcardz
Download PC / Mac OS X
Muscle.it The most HOT site on the internet – © 2007-2009
2spare – Endless entertainment to spare.
JQuery.popeye – una lightbox alternativa | …ManuIdea
GateKeeper 3 – Javascript Password Protection
All things heinous, trashy, and hilarious in weddings!


studio CRANK :: Product design, Environmental design, Communication desgn, Industrial design.
Cilly – a set on Flickr
ECOutlet – Eco Friendly Products and Ethical Gifts for Green Living
Superuse.org: Where recycling meets design
launch pad finalists exhibition – gallery – indesignlive.com
Best of Brochure Design – Cool Samples and Examples of Brochures : Graphic Design Blog & Graphics News Blog
SevenZero | Graphic Design
Serial Cut™ – Imagemakers since '99
In the Office : Vitra.com


Solutions Log → Optimizing a Website for iPhone
iPhone Web App Example Code
Neven Mrgan's tumbl
» WordPress iPhone Theme Marius

thetoke™ interactive / broadcast / What
Vision Streetwear . Legends Never Die . Legendary Street Style . Shoes . Skateboards
Interactive Agency // we are FL2 //
Marco Fucci – Home page – Latest updates
Viper007Bond.com » My WordPress Plugins » Viper’s Video Quicktags
··· Pablo Abad ···
Selected Work – The Creative District
Work | Evolution Bureau
Grunge Theme Home Page
Philippe Nigro
MoMA Store
Webgriffe® | multimedia – job
Creazione siti internet Padova, creazione siti web Venezia, Veneto – Workup
secondome – Tavoli – Tutti i prodotti
Dynamic Text Replacement Solutions | Dezinerfolio
Graphic-ExchanGE – a selection of graphic projects
Computerlove™ | Connecting Creative Talents.
FormFiftyFive – Design inspiration from around the world
TypeNeu: An Odyssey in Typography
Fleuron – Journal of Typography and Design
Design Licks | Web design awards | The greatest websites around the world | How creative can you get ?
thetoke™ interactive / broadcast / What
thetoke™ interactive / broadcast / What

Testi approvati – Giovedì 26 marzo 2009 – Rafforzamento della sicurezza e delle libertà fondamentali su Internet – P6_TA-PROV(2009)0194
calendario triennale milanl
Playa Desnuda su MySpace Music. Ascolta gratis MP3, guarda le foto e i video musicali.
Club dei Buoni Posti
Florence Hotels Viva Hotels in Florence Hotel booking online
ikea hacker
Simple API
YouTube ActionScript 2.0 Player API Reference – YouTube APIs and Tools – Google Code
Bartelme Design | User Interface and Graphics Design
IKEA | Cucina | Cucine componibili | Piani di lavoro


Andrea Orazzo Associati graphic design studio | comunicazione integrata e web design a Perugia e L'Aquila
– Adanti Creative Agency – studio grafico – web design – Todi – Perugia.
Redweb – Web design and web development, UK, London and Bournemouth
A L T R A | S I A M O
GUSTO IDS® | Creative People

Hosting Linux: Creare nuove estensioni per i File
Function type variable : function variable « Function « Flash / Flex / ActionScript


Vertical Booking
Terme Appennino tosco-emiliano – Terme di Porretta
Convegni Toscana Centro benessere Toscana Albergo Pisa Livorno Week end benessere Hotel Toscana

Autodesk Project Dragonfly
71+ Free PSD Resources | Presidia Creative
9 kick ass Open source E-commerce platforms reviewed
Whoola COLLADA Converter \ Whoola Space Center
Classic PC Games – Abandonware & Classic Games – Free DOS, Commodore 64, Amiga & Spectrum Games & Emulators
Saqoosha.net :: How to make only “The Hole” using Papervision3D
A tavola con le ricette di Cuoko
Villaggio della Salute Più :: Agriturismo nella provincia di Bologna, Ristorazione soggiorno, vendita diretta.
Beach Volley – Volley Spheres 2- Giochi by FlashGames.it



WordPress › Add to Any: Share/Bookmark/Email Button « WordPress Plugins
WordPress › Post videos and photo galleries « WordPress Plugins
WordPress › All in One Video Pack « WordPress Plugins
WordPress › Facebook Dashboard Widget « WordPress Plugins
WordPress › SlidePress « WordPress Plugins
WordPress › Font Burner Control Panel « WordPress Plugins
WordPress › DandyID Services « WordPress Plugins
WordPress › xili-language « WordPress Plugins
WordPress › iPhone Control Panel « WordPress Plugins
WordPress › Shockingly Simple Favicon « WordPress Plugins
WordPress › WordPress Download Monitor « WordPress Plugins
WordPress › Redirection « WordPress Plugins
WordPress › Bogo « WordPress Plugins
WordPress › wp-RDFa « WordPress Plugins
WordPress › PhotoSmash Galleries « WordPress Plugins
WordPress › DMSGuestbook « WordPress Plugins
WordPress › qTranslate « WordPress Plugins
WordPress › Ozh' Admin Drop Down Menu « WordPress Plugins
WordPress › Flickr + Highslide « WordPress Plugins
WordPress › New User Email Set Up « WordPress Plugins
WordPress › AccessQontrol « WordPress Plugins
WordPress › AnyFont « WordPress Plugins
WordPress › Events Calendar « WordPress Plugins
WordPress › WP Post Styling « WordPress Plugins
WordPress › Addmarx – Bookmark/Share/Email Dropdown « WordPress Plugins
WordPress › PhotoQ Photoblog Plugin « WordPress Plugins
WordPress › WP Private Messages « WordPress Plugins
WordPress › To Do List « WordPress Plugins
WordPress › NextGEN Gallery « WordPress Plugins
WordPress › wordTube « WordPress Plugins
WordPress › WP Title 2 « WordPress Plugins
WordPress › Is Page or Ancestor « WordPress Plugins
WordPress › WordPress CSS Drop-down Menu « WordPress Plugins
WordPress › Dynamic Headers « WordPress Plugins
WordPress › HeadSpace2 SEO « WordPress Plugins
WordPress › Autodownload « WordPress Plugins
WordPress › SlideZoom « WordPress Plugins
WordPress › Page Flip Image Gallery « WordPress Plugins
WordPress › Fast Tube « WordPress Plugins
WordPress › Page Restrict « WordPress Plugins
WordPress › article2pdf « WordPress Plugins
WordPress › Post Templates « WordPress Plugins
WordPress › pageMash > Page Management « WordPress Plugins
WordPress › PS Auto Sitemap « WordPress Plugins
WordPress › Target Page Navigation « WordPress Plugins

Templates « NextGEN Gallery
30 plugin per WordPress in ajax – WebMasterPoint.org
Elegant Themes – Premium WordPress Themes
Template WordPress | Tutti i migliori Template e temi WordPress
Template WordPress | Tutti i migliori Template e temi WordPress
Template WordPress | Tutti i migliori Template e temi WordPress

Running from Camera
Design^Sprout | Your Guide to Green Design
buonaidea.it » home » tutte le idee
RICAMBI YAMAHA originali con sconti 10% A 30% R1,R6,FZ1,FZ6,FZS,FAZER 600 FAZER 1000
Girls with iPhones
World of Stencils
Tweener caurina di Zeh Fernando – tutorial 1 – FlepStudio forum


SWFAddress: deep linking e tasto indietro | Articoli Flash | Flash.HTML.it
Tweener Documentation and Language Reference
Augmented Reality con ActionScript 3 e il FLAR Toolkit | Articoli Flash | Flash.HTML.it
Caurina Tweener, animazioni in Flash e AS3 | Articoli Flash | Flash.HTML.it
Guida Papervision3D | Guide Flash | Flash.HTML.it

TattooFinder.com: Tribal Tattoos, Tribal Tattoo Designs, Tattoos Tribal, Tribal Tattoo Flash, Tribal Tattoo Artwork
Howcast – The best how to videos on the web
jQuery for Designers – Tutorials and screencasts
Overview: Integrating Facebook Connect With Your Website
Facebook | BigThink
Plugin WordPress | BigThink
Frets On Fire
Frets on Fire Italia :: Guarda forum – Song Packs
Flash Screensaver Builder for Mac and PC | Screentime for Flash
RSS 2.0 Specification (RSS 2.0 at Harvard Law)
How to Easily Parse a RSS Feed with PHP 4 or PHP 5
10 Useful WordPress Hook Hacks | Developer's Toolbox | Smashing Magazine
10 Useful WordPress Loop Hacks | Developer's Toolbox | Smashing Magazine
intensivstation :: CSS Templates :: Templates
11 jQuery Plugins to Enhance HTML Dropdowns | Steve Reynolds Blog
10 Useful CSS/JS-Coding Solutions For Web-Developers | CSS | Smashing Magazine
50 Useful New jQuery Techniques and Tutorials | Developer's Toolbox | Smashing Magazine
Queness – Design Inspirations, jQuery Tutorials and Web Development Community
Build Internet! | Web Design, Development, and Business
Quick Tip – Separate Page Templates in WordPress | Build Internet!
i Make Postable – Make your HTML friendly
Supersized 2.0 Released – Now with Transitions & Controls | Build Internet!
MailChimp Admin – My Account
I plugin per wordpress piu utili per il nostro blog | technorati.it
If Famous Graphic Artists Were Web Designers… | Inspiration | Smashing Magazine
20 Kick-Ass WordPress Theme Frameworks For Rapid Theme Development – Codefusion Lab
favicon.ico Generator
Developer Documentation « WordPress Codex
PhotoQ WordPress Photoblog Plugin
WordPress › Wordbook « WordPress Plugins
10 Tools For Finding, Registering And Managing Domain Names | Developer's Toolbox | Smashing Magazine
Milk and chocolate Download Free Vector,PSD,FLASH,JPG–www.fordesigner.com
Food Vegetable P2 – vector clip art online, royalty free & public domain
Single Serve Coffee – Coffee Pod Reviews, Senseo, Home Cafe, Bunn My Cafe, Keurig, K-Cups, Nespresso, Tassimo, T-Discs – The One Cup Coffee Lovers Weblog
TV Show Web Designs: Trends and Examples | Design Showcase | Smashing Magazine
Photoshop Grunge Brushes, Adobe Photoshop Brushes Free Download
Getting Organized with Adobe Bridge – Part 1: Batch Renaming
New Screencast: Think Geek Background Fade Technique | CSS-Tricks
MOBIFY – Same Site, Mobile View
Download VIP | Using social media to guide and help you connect to social networks: Twitter, Facebook, Google, LinkedIn, YouTube using social media
Add Facebook Fan Button | Using social media to guide and help you connect to social networks: Twitter, Facebook, Google, LinkedIn, YouTube using social media
Facebook | Facebook Widgets
Facebook | Sfoglia tutte le pagine
Savor Chat – A better group chat for Facebook and Twitter
Blendapps – Mashups Made Easy
CSS3 Previews – CSS3 . Info
Get Satisfaction – People-Powered Customer Service
UniFlip, Try Free Today – Create Paperless Flip Flash Pages from your documents and publications
Cosacucino, le ricette di cucina di Style.it
Showcase of Fresh and Well-Designed Online Shops | Design Showcase | Smashing Magazine
CSSelite.com – CSS Gallery » Showcasing the best in CSS web design and development.
CSSelite.com – CSS Gallery » Resources » Showcasing the best in CSS web design and development.
Highslide JS – JavaScript thumbnail viewer
7 Advanced CSS Menu, A Great Roundup!!
CSS Menus | 13Styles CSS Menus
Wufoo – HTML Form Builder – Free Contact Forms & Online Surveys
WordPress Theme Hacks
Newsberry — Pricing
Styling File Inputs with CSS and the DOM // ShaunInman.com
mb.ideas.repository – web-design & design
Wibiya | Homepage
DreamCss- Opensource, Useful Online Resources for tech blogger, Designers and Developers
Designers'Couch: Creative Humans – Designer's Group
Horizontal Navigation Menus: Trends, Patterns, and Best Practices | Design Showcase | Smashing Magazine
25+ Magento Templates For Your E-Commerce Business | Developer's Toolbox | Smashing Magazine
Snow's Revenge by vinylville on Etsy
wpng-calendar – Project Hosting on Google Code
Information Is Beautiful | Ideas, issues, concepts, subjects – visualized!
CSS Wishlist: New Ideas, Debates and Solutions | CSS | Smashing Magazine

css implementation

CSS Variables – Brajeshwar
Nicolas Cannasse Blog – HSS
LESS – Leaner CSS

10 Fixes That Solve IE6 Problems
Toshiba: Area Assistenza
sIFR Generator
Sincronizzare iCal con Google Calendar | Googlisti.com
How To Integrate Facebook With WordPress « Smashing Magazine
Google Calendar
The Z-Index CSS Property: A Comprehensive Look « Smashing Magazine
Gallery | Your photos on your website
Fresh Free High-Quality Icon Sets « Smashing Magazine
W3Counter – Global Web Stats
Internet Explorer 8 Beta 1 | Screenshot Tool | ieCapture
Browser Tests, Services and Compatibility Test Suites « Smashing Magazine
Locanda Palazzone – Hotel a Orvieto, Italia – Recensioni da TripAdvisor
RegExr: Online Regular Expression Testing Tool
Pokform, Live Online Flash Website Builder.
Ariel Flesler: jQuery.ScrollShow
Oscar Wilde – Wikiquote
WordPress $post Variable Quick Reference | WordPress Hacker
jQuery and JavaScript Coding: Examples and Best Practices « Smashing Magazine
Learning jQuery – Tips, Techniques, Tutorials
Cryptomundo – for Bigfoot, Loch Ness, and More – Blog Home
PeaceReporter – Afghanistan, feriti tre soldati italiani
jQuery TOOLS – The missing UI library for the Web
jQuery TOOLS – The missing UI library for the Web
Pricing – Only pay what you send – Campaign Monitor
PDF Publisher – PDF with page turn effect
Kubicki portfolio
Custom TinyMCE Buttons (only pre TinyMCE v3!) » delicious:days
|| Dummy Text Generator | Lorem ipsum for webdesigners ||
Free Mac App A Day » Screensaver
Self-Service Support
Merge Tag Cheatsheet | MailChimp.com
eCircle | Prodotti – Indirizzi email – Numeri e cifre
TinyMCE – Home
10 Useful Usability Findings and Guidelines « Smashing Magazine
Secure source code hosting and collaborative development – GitHub
EarthTools – Find places, latitude/longitude, sunrise/sunset, elevation, local time and time zones
Google Map Custom Marker Maker
Template Tags/wp list pages « WordPress Codex
Main Page – jQuery JavaScript Library
YouTube – Broadcast Yourself.
Moving Insect: photos / people
USTREAM: Your own Free Live Broadcast in 3 minutes. Sign up NOW, plug in your camera, enable the widget, click Start Broadcast. You are now LIVE
The Ultimate Round-Up of Print Design Tutorials « Smashing Magazine
Mastering CSS Coding: Getting Started « Smashing Magazine
CSS Decorative Gallery
webcam streaming video live views : 123cam directory of thousands of live webcams on the Internet: 123cam.com
Feedback Form – Kampyle
Textpattern CMS · A Flexible, Elegant and Easy-To-Use Content Management System.
Raven Smith Photography
Japan Trend Shop | Factory Circle
15 Common Mistakes in E-Commerce Design « Smashing Magazine
Minimizing Complexity In User Interfaces « Smashing Magazine
Screenr – Create screencasts and screen recordings the easy way
Alternatives to Windows, Mac, Linux and online software – AlternativeTo.net
100% Rebrandable email marketing software just for designers – Campaign Monitor
Agenzia di Pubblicità, Grafica e Comunicazione, Padova. Filippo Maglione, Manuel Bottazzo | Helvetika
International Imaging Industry Association » Flashpix
Cross-browser semi-transparent backgrounds
Forum Flash, Actionscript, PHP e MySQL
NodeBox | Download
Dual Sim Cellulare, Cellulare Dual Sim, dual sim cect, telefoni dual sim
The No.1 Chinese Mobile Phone Supplier!(CECT,Dual SIM,China Handys,Cina CELLULARE,Téléphone Portable)
10 Useful CSS Properties Not Supported By Internet Explorer | Impressive Webs
Thanks! Check Your Email | Refcardz
GetJar – Appsolutely Everything for Nokia, BlackBerry, Android, Samsung, Sony Ericsson, LG, Palm.
Mobile Applications for Nokia 5200
Google Wave Developer Blog: Google Wave Samples Gallery: Best Practices & New Features
Creative Review – 2012 Olympics pictograms launched
No More Tables CSS Layout Techniques
The Mystery Of The CSS Float Property « Smashing Magazine
Google Calendar design | stopdesign portfolio
Simple 2 column CSS layout | 456 Berea Street
Simple 2 column CSS layout, final layout | 456 Berea Street
Portfolio Design, Web Designer, Photographer, Graphic Artist Resources
10 Useful WordPress Coding Techniques « Smashing Magazine
Rich Typography On The Web: Techniques and Tools « Smashing Magazine
Introducing Cufón – sIFR alternative | ChrisJennings
typeface.js — Rendering text with Javascript, <canvas>, and VML
Come creare un applicazione per FaceBook « Gennaro Varriale »
GTA San Andreas : XBOX Cheats
Stripe Generator – ajax diagonal stripes background designer
Object Oriented CSS
0 results – TinEye
Origami – Paper Factory – Studio carta – Origami Milano
Paper Folding Glue Videos – Metacafe
A4 Paper Wallet – Video
How To Make an Origami Envelope – Video
Origami Envelope – Enveloppe – Sobre – Video
WordPress Forum Server « Vast HTML
A Crash-Course in WordPress Plugin Development – Nettuts+
Writing a Plugin « WordPress Codex
Essential WordPress Plugin Development Resources, Tutorials and Guides : Speckyboy Design Magazine
WordPress Plugins and Database Interaction | Devlounge
Guida: Come aprire un negozio online con WordPress e vendere con l’ecommerce – WordPress Mania.Trucchi, notizie, plugin, temi
E-junkie Shopping Cart for selling downloads & tangible goods
BuddyPress.org → Demo
WordPress › Booking Calendar « WordPress Plugins
WordPress: Aggiungere un feed RSS personalizzato | BigThink
Free Mac Downloads – Softpedia
WTF Costumes: The Crazy & Sexy Halloween Costume Archive
How to Import and Display RSS Feeds in WordPress • Perishable Press
SimplePie Documentation: API Reference
Logos Dictionary – Logos Translations multilingual dictionary
Function Web Design & Development Blog –
WordPress Multi Languages: 5 Plugins To Built A Multilingual Website
Gestione utenti con wordpress: profili personalizzati e aree riservate – diploD
WordPress › User Photo « WordPress Plugins
WordPress › Cimy User Extra Fields « WordPress Plugins
WordPress › CHAT Users and Design Integrated (BoWoB) « WordPress Plugins
USTREAM, You're On. Free LIVE VIDEO Streaming, Online Broadcasts. Create webcasts, video chat, stream videos on the Internet. Live streaming videos, TV shows
Widgetbox › World's best place to find and make web widgets
The Complete Guide to Google Wave: How to Use Google Wave
18 WordPress Plugins to add Professionalism to your Blog : Speckyboy Design Magazine
Events Manager | Nutsmuggling
WordPress › Events Manager « WordPress Plugins
WordPress › Google Maps in Posts « WordPress Plugins
Gestire autori e utenti del proprio blog WordPress.com « Usare WordPress.com
Facebook Developers | Strumenti
Facebook | Sviluppatori
La Società
KosmoSol – Realizzazione Siti Internet, Portali, Software, Web Marketing, SEO – Soragna, Fidenza, Salsomaggiore Terme, Parma, Piacenza, Cremona, Milano – Hotel5Stelle


Best Western Premier Hotel Lovec – Hotel a Bled, Slovenia – Recensioni da TripAdvisor
Ottimo centro benessere – Recensioni su Hotel Park Bled, Bled – TripAdvisor
Thai Bled
hotel – Google Maps

Website Templates, Web Templates, Flash, Word Templates – DreamTemplate
16 WordPress Sites to Help You Build a Better Blog
Design an Attractive One-Page Portfolio Using Photoshop
Perugia, le installazioni di Palazzo della Penna
Google Alert
Il Braccino
OpenID – Wikipedia
OurTuts.com | The Easy Way to Learn Photoshop
WordPress › WP likes « WordPress Plugins
CONTRAST » Contact
Color conversion (RGB / CMYK / HSV / YUV / …) | web.forret.com
Cappuccino Web Framework – Build Desktop Class Applications in Objective-J and JavaScript
18 plugin Firefox per chi lavora con il web | My Social Web

WP loop query

User:DavidHouse/Wordpress Code Flow « WordPress Codex
Define Your Own WordPress Loop Using WP_Query « Weblog Tools Collection
Function Reference/WP Query « WordPress Codex
Template Tags/query posts « WordPress Codex

20 New High Quality Free Fonts | Smashing Magazine
KEYTEC is a leading touch screen manufacturer since 1987. Award winning Magic Touch add-on touch screen kit, integrated touch screen monitor, built-in toucscreen kit, OPTIR Touch large size IR touchscreen, View Touch laser interactive DIY whiteboard.
CheathamLane provides professional interactive 360° Product & Location Photography, Virtual Tours, Flash Panorama & Web Development
Basic XML structure for PanoSalado (rev 73) | FlashPanos
Facebook Bridge Features : ZeroFractal Components
List All » description WPMU DEV – WordPress MU plugins, themes and more
jQuery – Tutorialzine
Welcome to CodeIgniter : CodeIgniter User Guide
Content Management System for Designers and Businesses – Traffik
Download the OLAT Software
SmugMug Photo & Video Sharing. You look better here.
Design Reviver – Web Design Blog
How to Create Brilliant Light Streaks in Photoshop | Design Reviver
BeFunky.com – Photo effects with one click, Turn your photos into artwork.
ActionScript 3 Jpeg Encoder Revealed: Saving Images from Flash | Design Reviver
12 Useful jQuery Plugins for Working with Tables | Web Design Ledger
temp – Box.net
bryanheisey.com » vCam AS3 Interactive
CRMStage – SugarCRM Module – SugarChimp ListSync
Power Tips For WordPress Template Developers – Smashing Magazine
50 Most Beautiful Icon Sets Created in 2008 – Noupe
Detect Intruders Using the Camera Object in Flash CS4 – Activetuts+
bryanheisey.com » Flash vCam AS3
How to videos on ExpertVillage.com are Moving to eHow.com
Web Design Trends for 2010 | Web Design Ledger
Hello! | Alessandro Cavallo Web 2.0 Designer & Developer | Kempten (Germany)
Krop – Design Jobs: Creative & Tech
123people.it | ricerca di persone gratuita, trova le informazioni pubbliche di ogni persona
Google Wave – Tutorial
Wave Embed API Tutorial – Google Wave API – Google Code

Daniele (3) – Google Wave
Dynamic Drive- FavIcon Generator
Dynamic Drive: .htaccess password generator
Andrew Zuckerman: Bird
Google: Zeitgeist 2009
How To Support Internet Explorer and Still Be Cutting Edge – Smashing Magazine
Calling a flash external interface AS3 function on page load – Stack Overflow
How to Customize your Feedburner Email Subscription Form (Part-1) | TipsBlogger.Com
Feedburner Email Subscription Widget » SilverStripe.org – Open Source CMS / Framework
Feedburner Tutorial: Replace your blog Atom/RSS Autodiscovery feed with Feedburner – Digital Inspiration
Build a ‘WordBurner’ Email Newsletter Manager using WordPress and FeedBurner – Nettuts+
YouTube – Storia – Pablo Escobar 1/5
Facebook Developers
Working Web
Web Safe Fonts, A List with Examples
Usability Testing Toolkit: Resources, Articles, and Techniques – Noupe
25 Graph and Chart Solutions for Web Developers : Speckyboy Design Magazine
10 resources to get the most out of the CSS text-shadow property
Free Smashing Christmas Icon Set – Smashing Magazine
Free Icons – Download Free Mac OS X Icons and Flags | Icon Drawer
Andrea Pinchi Portfolio
Design Portfolio
N.Design Studio | Design Blog & Portfolio


La Repubblica
The New York Times
Los Angeles Times
Google News
Il Sole 24 Ore
CNET News.com
The New York Times
Washington Post
BBC News


The New York Times – National
CNN.com – U.S.
Washington Post – Nation
TIME – Nation
ABC News – US
Yahoo! News – U.S.


CBS MarketWatch
The Motley Fool
Washington Post – Business
The New York Times – Business
The New York Times – Media & Advertising
Time – Business
BBC News – Business
ABC News – Business
Wired News – Business
Yahoo! News – Business
Fast Company
Red Herring


CNET News – Personal Technology
The New York Times – Technology
The New York Times – Circuits
Wired News
Washington Post – Technology
Yahoo! News – Technology
ABC News – SciTech
BBC News – Technology
O'Reilly Network
eWEEK Technology News


Macintosh Products Guide
Mac OS X Downloads
Inside Mac Games
Microsoft Mactopia
Wired News: Cult of Mac
VersionTracker: Mac OS X
MacCentral News
Inside Mac Games
Macworld Reviews
eWEEK Macintosh
Apple Hot News
Apple Press Releases
New Mac OS X Products
Mac OS X Knowledge Base Documents
Mac OS X Hot Downloads
Mac OS X Downloads


Discovery Kids
PBS Kids
Smithsonian Institution
Time for Kids


CNN Sports Illustrated
CBS SportsLine
CNN Sports Illustrated
The New York Times
Yahoo! News
Washington Post
ABC News


QuickTime Movie Trailers
E! Online
Warner Brothers
La Repubblica (Spettacolo e Cultura)
The New York Times – Books
The New York Times – Dining and Wine
The New York Times – Fashion & Style
iTunes 10 New Releases
Yahoo! News – Entertainment
ABC News – Entertainment
BBC News – Entertainment


QuickTime Movie Trailers
Internet Movie Database
The New York Times – Movies
Netflix Top 100
Netflix New Releases This Week
RollingStone.com DVD Reviews
RollingStone.com Movie Reviews


iTunes Top 10 Songs
iTunes Top 10 Albums
iTunes 10 New Releases
iTunes 10 Just Added Albums
iTunes 10 Featured & Exclusive Albums


Apple Store
CNET Shopper


Expedia Travel
City Search
Digital City
Lonely Planet
The New York Times – Travel
ABC News – Travel
Baltimore Sun – Travel

Facebook activity around the world – Fontanel – Art, Design & Web
CSS and Email, Kissing in a Tree
Function type variable : function variable « Function « Flash / Flex / ActionScript
I plugin per wordpress piu utili per il nostro blog | technorati.it
eCircle | Prodotti – Indirizzi email – Numeri e cifre

Facebook activity around the world – Fontanel – Art, Design & Web
CSS and Email, Kissing in a Tree
Function type variable : function variable « Function « Flash / Flex / ActionScript
I plugin per wordpress piu utili per il nostro blog | technorati.it
eCircle | Prodotti – Indirizzi email – Numeri e cifre