How to Find Your WordPress Login URL

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If you’re new to WordPress and wondering “How do I login to my site?!” then you’ve come to the right place.

Beginners often have trouble locating their login URL after installing a self-hosted WordPress site for the first time. If you’re like me and have a terrible memory, you may have forgotten your login URL, too.

So in this article, I’ll show you how to easily find your WordPress login URL.

WordPress login
The WordPress login page.

Logging in to WordPress

The login page is where you go to access the backend of your website.

Think of it like the back door into your site where you can manage how your site looks, as well as create new posts, add pages, and set up plugins.

On a typical WordPress site, all you need to do is add /login/ or /admin/ to the end of your site’s URL.

For example:


Once logged in, you’ll be taken directly to the admin area dashboard of your site.

Alternatively, you can add /wp-admin/ or /wp-login.php to the end of your site’s URL, which will also take you to the admin area of your site.

If your site is in a sub-folder, your login URL will look like this:

If your site is located in a sub-directory, you can still add /admin/ or /login/ to the end or your site’s URL:

Of course once you get to your login page, you’ll need to have your username and password handy so you can login to your site.

Remembering Your WordPress Login URL

You don’t have to remember your login URL off by heart – just bookmark your login page in your browser. You’ll then have a quick way to login to your site whenever you feel the urge to write a new post or tweak the look of your site.

Customizing Your Login Page

If you are beyond basic WordPress skills and want to personalise your login page, check out How to Create a Stunning Custom WordPress Login Page.

This in-depth tutorials will guide you through how to add a custom background to your site, replace the WordPress logo with your own, customize the look of the login form and remove the lost password link.

What other kinds of obstacles have you stumbled across while learning to use WordPress? If you’re experienced with WordPress, what do you wish you had known when you got started? Let us know in the comments below.

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