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I made a serie of CSS classes to make shake your DOM.
Full project page:

You could used the pre-made classes or customize and create new ones to make shake the elementa as you want.

pre made classes:
class="shake shake-hard"
class="shake shake-slow"
class="shake shake-little"
class="shake shake-horizontal"
class="shake shake-vertical"
class="shake shake-rotation"
class="shake shake-opacity"
class="shake shake-crazy"

on everyone you could add:
– "freez" class if you want to freez the animation at the moment you leave the element
– "shake-constant" to make it constantly shaking
– "hover-stop" if you want to freez the constant shake on :hover

Here is the CSS*logo shaking as you want:

New! easter egg: add ?harlem=shake as params at the end of the pen url like

This Pen uses: HTML, CSS, JavaScript, -prefix-free, and jQuery