We’re Experimenting: CoursePress Gets WooCommerce Integration

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So, last September we introduced the ultimate WordPress LMS, CoursePress (free version | pro version), and it’s been an awesome experience since!

With over 40,000 downloads and active installations on over 5,000 sites (across both versions) it’s been popular, and with a vast number of updates (certificates, better video management, filters, student content management, messaging integration etc.) it’s also been very active but not, IMO, active enough.

CoursePress theme
CoursePress is active on more than 2000 WordPress installs.

Here’s the issue – CoursePress is, I think without question, vastly superior to competing plugins. In fact, we made it with that specific aim in mind – it’s benchmarked against them (and by them I mean SenseiNamasteWP Courseware and Learndash). I’m even happy to link to them because I know that CoursePress is just better.

Oh, and of course, unlike all of them, it’s also FREE.

So why aren’t we getting the take-up the plugin deserves?

Well, it could always be marketing, I mean not advertising it at all isn’t gonna help, right? Or the lack of an affiliate program. Or the lack of a mention anything we ever do gets through “official” WP channels (I’m looking at you wppravda.com ;). Or maybe that people just don’t really want to run/sell courses in WordPress. Or it could just be that I’m wrong about it being good.

CoursePress courses
Offer free or paid courses and attract new users.

Or maybe it’s time for us to try something fairly radical (for us) in terms of other integrations and to hoist ourselves onto the all conquering bandwagon that is WooCommerce. OK, it’s (highly) unlikely that they will ever even mention us given the fact they also run Sensei, but I reckon it’s worth exploring how well wp.org users and WPMU DEV members will respond to this kind of integration.

But there’s only one way to find out.

So, as of today both the free and the pro versions of CoursePress are now fully integrated with the big Woo, making the plugin by far the most attractive free offering out there.

Of course this might do absolutely nothing, and we do have a stunning new version of MarketPress coming out of the door very shortly (and the current one does a decent enough job, too), in which case no harm done.

But if it does work, then awesome, let’s do it with pretty much everything else.

Any bets?

Let us know what you think in the comments.

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