Collective #472

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Inspirational Website of the Week: Sarto
A fantastic melange of elegance and delightful details. Our pick this week.
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Pramp – Free frontend interview practice
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Making Future Interfaces: Unusual Shapes
A must-watch video by Heydon Pickering on CSS Shapes.
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Everything about CSS environment variables
Learn about the new CSS Environment Variables in this article by Ire Aderinokun.
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An Extensive Guide To Progressive Web Applications
Learn about all the important technologies around PWAs in this article by Ankita Masand.
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CSS Animation 101
Donovan Hutchinson’s CSS Animation 101 course is now a free ebook.
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A fantastic NES-style CSS framework.
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Read color hex codes
A fantastic dotCSS 2018 talk by Dave DeSandro where he teaches how to read HEX codes.
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SVG Filters: A Mini Crash Course
Sara Soueidan gives a crash course on SVG filters and shows how they work.
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A great framework for writing mutable narratives like this one. By Liza Daly.
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How we crafted a playful digital Christmas card in 3D on the web
Hjörtur Hilmarsson shares how this beautiful interactive Christmas card came to life.
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Web Audio, Autoplay Policy and Games
Read all about the policy change of autoplay behavior that will roll out with Chrome 71 in December 2018.
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JavaScript Inheritance and the Prototype Chain
Tyler McGinnis shares another part of his Advanced JavaScript course. In this article you’ll learn about Inheritance and the Prototype Chain.
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Gestalt-Driven UX: The Patterns That Drive Our World
In case you missed it: Justin Baker shows how the Gestalt principles apply to web design.
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Major sites running unauthenticated JavaScript on their payment pages
Terence Eden urges to use SubResource Integrity to ensure a third-party resources hasn’t been altered.
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Tats Case Study
Ok Bye’s interesting online game that breaks down electronic music production into easy to understand components. Scroll down for the game.
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Aminal – A Modern Terminal Emulator
Aminal is a modern terminal emulator for Mac/Linux implemented in Golang and utilizing OpenGL.
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var to JIT
Kevin Smith explains how through the power of JavaScript, we learn how the browser breaks down pages and speeds up processes so we can write better code.
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Generating Classical Music with Neural Networks
An interesting interview with Christine McLeavey Payne on her recent project Clara, a long short-term memory (LSTM) neural network that composes piano and chamber music.
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Free Font: Animosa
An interesting sans-serif design by Stefano Giliberti.
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Mantas Looperino
A beautiful looperino made by Jaume Sanchez made with his Looper tool.
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From Our Blog
Image Reveal Hover Effects
A set of link hover effects that reveal a thumbnail in different creative ways.
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Collective #472 was written by Pedro Botelho and published on Codrops.

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