Collective #395

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A nice bookmarks manager written in Go as a clone of Pocket. Usable as command line or web application.
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A Blockstack powered alternative to Google G Suite and Microsoft Office.
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AMP News
An excellent summary on the latest news and conclusions about Google’s controversial AMP technology. By Chris Coyier.
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Free Font: Kabe
A beautiful, eccentric display typeface designed by Laura Cabezudo Figueredo.
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And the Oscar goes to… Data Science!
Adam Levenson shows how the folks at Thinkful correctly predicted this year’s winner with supervised learning.
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How To Think About Speed Tools
An infographic for guiding developers and marketers to help them understand how to think about performance and navigate all of Google’s performance tool offerings.
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Sneak Peek: Beyond React 16
Sophie Alpert gives us a preview of some new features in React.
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Song Maker
Easily create your own music with this song maker from the Chrome Music Lab.
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Caffeine path tracing demo & tutorial
Rye Terrell walks us through the construction of a demo which implements real-time path tracing in WebGL.
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Machine Learning Crash Course
Google’s fast-paced, practical introduction to machine learning with TensorFlow APIs.
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TypeScript – JavaScript with superpowers
Indrek Lasn shows why TypeScript is so powerful and how to get started with it.
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Magicons: 100 Business Icons
Darius Dan’s new collection of business themed icons in the formats PNG, SVG, EPS and Sketch.
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Free Font: Jutlandia Slab
A slab serif font family made for straightforward and functional typographic design. By David Engelby.
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Use Google Sheets and Google Apps Script to build a blog CMS
Daniel Ireson shows how to use Google Apps Scripts, a platform that allows users to extend Google’s G Suite of online products through a scripting language derived from JavaScript.
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Typography is the new black. Trends in web design
A collection of the latest trends in web design with great examples.
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Introducing the HNPWA API
David East introduces the aggregated Hacker News JSON API, HNPWA API.
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Differential programming for scientific computing in JavaScript.
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iBlocks – iOS Wireframe Kit (Sketch)
As part of Project 365, Kishore created this beautiful iOS wireframe kit.
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A Gopher’s Reading List
A great collection of blog posts about Go. By Eno Compton.
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Extinct animals project
Some free icons to remind us which animals went extinct. By ShockFamily & ByPeople.
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Collective #395 was written by Pedro Botelho and published on Codrops.