Speed up your workflow: 10 best web design tools to use in 2018

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#1: Sketch
Price: $99 per year.Sketch is a comprehensive graphic editor that’s steadily but confidently nudging Photoshop aside. This vector-based app makes your file sizes significantly smaller and ensures great display of imagery on all screens. What’s more, Sketch features a pre-built grid system which helps you map out interfaces with the speed of light. That’s why Sketch is a new-age, more intuitive and cleaner version of Photoshop that you can test-drive with a free trial.
#2: Coolors
Price: Free.
Creating a trendsetting color palette is a non-issue thanks to the free Coolors . It’s available for Windows and Mac, as a Chrome add-on and as an iOS app.
#3: WEPS
Price: $12.24 per month.
On the homepage of WEPS, you can read that this is “the lightest, smartest and most intuitive website builder” out there. We’re not sure whether it holds the palm of supremacy, but we’re sure that it makes to 10 best web design tools of this year.
WEPS is a comprehensive WYSIWYG website builder that merges utmost ease-of-use with a wide array of features. With it, you can either build a website from scratch or use a theme as a starting point. What’s more, WEPS even lets you design your website on mobile thanks to polished-to-perfection mobile editing interface.
#4: Canva
Price: Free or $12.95/month.Canva is an online alternative to Photoshop and Sketch. It offers you a number of filters, settings and tools and makes creating all sorts of imagery (from album covers to infographics) as simple as ABC. The Free Canva Plan gives you access to 8K templates and graphic design samples. In addition to this, it lets you upload your own imagery.
#5: Visual Website Optimizer
Price: $49/month and above.
You’ve got to not only create a unique interface for your website, but also to test it to hit higher conversion rates. VWO is the tool that will help you with this task. It runs A/B testing for you and helps you avoid common flaws that hold back your website. You’ve got 30 days to try it with a free trial.
#6: MotoCMS Website Builder
Price: $125.00 (one-off cost).
MotoCMS is one of those best web design tools that have a substantial fan base both among newbies and experienced designers. If you create a website with it, the editor will bring you responsive web design, drag-n-drop features and adjustable settings. What’s more, MotoCMS Builder has a number of pre-built interactive tutorials and lands you reliable 24/7 technical support.
#7: CoffeeCup
Price: $99 (currently 47% off).
Basically, CoffeCup is a user-friendly, easy-to-use HTML editor. With it, creating HTML and CSS for your web projects is a breeze. What’s more, with CoffeeCup you get powerful tools for improving search rank, transferring files and visually enhancing your website.
#8: Visme
Price: Free.
The list of best web design tools won’t be complete without this well-liked free infographics design tool. With Visme, creating infographics is simple for all sorts of folks. So, having web design background isn’t a prerequisite to create shareworthy infographics anymore.
#9: Bitable
Price: Free or $8.29/month.
Explainer videos are hot this year as they do a great job promoting your products and services. The freemium Biteable has all you need to create an appealing modern video in the matter of hours.
#10: Moqups
Price: $19/month and above.
The last item on our list of best web design tools is Moqups, arguably the best tool 2018 for prototyping. With its help, you can develop project wireframes and mockups online in a highly flexible environment.
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Wrapping Up
Congrats! Now you know some of the most well-liked and progressive best web design tools 2018. We hope they help you speed up your workflow and reach new web design heights!
Please share your thoughts in the Comments. We’d love to hear what you think! Take care!
This is a guest post by Tim Ross.

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