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Keyword research
Search engine optimization is key to getting traffic to your site. This first thing that you should do is to do keyword research. Your goal is to find one primary keyword and a few secondary keywords that people type into Google when their intention is to find products or services like yours.
If you don’t sell anything but only have a blog, find keywords that people would type in when their intention is to find content like yours. Use online tools like Google AdWords to do your keyword research.
Start a blog
The next step is to create a blog. When your blog page is live, get into the habit of creating content as often as possible. It is very important that the content you create should be filled to the brim with value. Include your keywords, but refrain from keyword stuffing. This will only make your blog seem spammy, which can be bad for your search ranking. When you create an article for your blog, remember to include images, videos, and links to other websites.
Start a link building campaign
Now that you have your blog up and running with a few pieces of high-quality content, you can start a link building campaign.
When a link to one of your blogs appears on a high-ranking page of someone else, Google will boost your search ranking. Your goal is to get links to your blogs on other sites. There are many tactics that you use to do this. The most prominent one is with guest blogging on complementary blogs.
Contact the author and ask them if you can write them a guest blog. You may have to do some networking and relationship building here. You can then add a link to your own blog in the content of the guest blog. When the guest article appears on the high-ranking blog, it will have a positive effect on your own PageRank.
You can also create infographics with your link and publish them on sites, you can ask influencers to contribute to some of your content so that they share them on their own platforms, or you can ask reviewers to review one of your products and place the link on their blogs.
Link building is a long-term SEO strategy, but it is incredibly effective and it can benefit your business for years to come.
Build a funnel
Sales funnels can be used for many different things. It can be a source of traffic to your site, you can use them to build your email list, and you can use them to sell products directly to your customers. If you have a new website, you can build a funnel to siphon traffic from social media to your website or blog.
SEO Audits
Regular SEO auditing ensures that your website always meet the latest optimization criteria. Use an SEO audit checklist to make sure that you don’t miss anything. SEO auditing can also ensure maximum lead conversion.
Build an email list
Growing an email list is crucial when you have a new website. Building one using a funnel or welcome mat on your website is an automated way of growing your list. All you have to do is send your list regular emails. Emails are similar to blogs in that you should send your list valuable content and not spam.
This is a guest post by Sarah Saker.

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